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Is DeFi Doomed?

Image source: Getty Images Decentralized finance is a core part of crypto, but parts of it are unsustainable. Important points The collapse of Terra sent ripples through the decentralized financial market. There are question marks over the future of Terra and Three Arrows Capital. The amount of money on DeFi …

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The 10 best must-have hiking apps

Planning an adventure in the wilderness can be an exhilarating experience, especially if you are an experienced hiker or mountaineer, as you know you have your routes memorized. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to have a reliable hiking app installed on your phone, which can assist you with directions to …

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Green Software Summit presents best practices for developers

Green software practices are largely in the hands of organizations, but there are steps individual developers can take to help the environment. Founded in May 2021, the Green Software Foundation is a non-profit organization formed under the Linux Foundation and backed by tech giants Accenture, GitHub, Microsoft and Thoughtworks. …

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