Seblod User Profile

You will see the following custom fields. 29112013 Activate the built-in User – Profile plugin and configure J16 only.

If you want only the logged in users to edit their own profile it is easy.

Seblod user profile. SEBLOD field User Username. User Content Type Settings Give your App a Title To keep your Apps organized it is a good idea to put them in a folder. Its not too hard -.

Stores the user making the change. Extendable to display custom profile fields differently. You dont need Seblod bridge system you can disable it.

There are also additional groups and access levels plus about 12 Admins. Users are registered using Seblod this mean the same standard Joomla fields tables Name Username Email Password. It brings Custom Content Types to Joomla and definitely makes web development faster and easier thanks to its unique flexibility.

Enter the token name in the text box and select usergroups in select box. Name login and email are marked in yellow in the image. Attachments Include a file attachment to better illustrate your comments.

This extension can be configured to notify users andor admins on profile and custom field changes. Extensions top menu. Associate one or more sets of coordinates to each of your SEBLOD content and display all or any selection of these locations as markers on a map.

You may need to modify the language file for the plugin to change some of the field names to suite. This adds lots of extra fields to the registration form and user profiles. To building dynamic full-featured websites for my clients.

1 – I want completely hide the User Name field and I think using Seblod User Registration Form this will not be a problem. 21122012 Thats the point of the profile plugins to give flexibility over how the users profile is imported into that extension. The dynamically generated URL looks as follows.

Emotions Users can personalized their comments to make theirs stand out by using BBcode and emoticons. You can choose which ones you want on the registration and profile page. Show or hide Joomla and k2 content according to usergroup.

Joom Profile includes a miniature search for all the existing data no more headache in finding records. The menu will open your customized version of User Profile Form. In the Joomla backend go to.

1 component 3 templates 6 modules 82 plug-ins. As the name itself says it filters out the content. Have you any experience on it.

In the Content tab of the User type construction form there is no live option to retrieve the value from the User. Just create a menu type Joomla. On this profile there are all the same HikaShop User.

So Ill need to put something into the hidden field to satisfy Joomla Hided User Name. After registration Users have to complete their Seblod user profile. Timestamped changes to all user account fields.

Group-a will only see imagesgroup-a group-b. Address 1 Address 2 City Region Country Postal ZIP Code Phone Web site Favourite Book About Me Date of Birth. For example you want to filtershow or hide the content for Administrator users then you can create token ADMIN.

There will also be thumbnails and lightbox previews when you attach images on any comments. 30122014 From personal experience SEBLOD enabled me not a web developer by training to go from building standard static brochure-style websites in Joomla. Show or hide Joomla and k2 content according to usergroup username and userid.

Hello Ryan or anyone else with ideas I have built a multisite with Seblod – and have basically 4 domains with 4 different contents plugins etc. If you understand this concept then youre going to understand the logic that underpins SEBLOD. The menu item linking to the user profile is created through Users Manager.

There is a in User Profile plugin that comes with Joomla. 02092013 Under basic options tab a text box and a select box will be displayed. SEBLOD 320x is ready for Joomla.

You can control the visiblity of users in search result according to their usergroup. So we have the correspondences between. So yes if you made that profile plugin for Sebold you should be able to import the first and last names into their own fields.

The Chevron in the lower right hand corner of the Title block reveals the permissions. Content filter is a plugin which filters the content of a Joomla article K2 Seblod according to Joomla usergroups. And the form field Login.

In the simplest form as you have described in your question saying that you are just want to display content from the current user in a module it is possible that some modules would have already such filter settings that will use the current user id and retrievedisplay their articles in the front-end. As you can see in the image below each field of a form is present on the Content Type. Supports all user profile plugins.

Using JCE profiles I am restricting certain groups to certain media folders – ie. It is a Joomla. Take a look at the GDPR Bundle to save 20 on all of my GDPR extensions.

Give up to 3 sets of geo-coordinates to each of your CB users and add maps to your CB user profiles or collectively display the locations of your users as markers on map. 2 – Joomla requires to create the User Name. And the form field Name.

Content Forms Searches and Lists. For Administrator Super User. Plugin which filter the content of an article according to users Joomla.

Like Public and Registered user will not be able to search Super Users. SEBLOD is an Application Builder and Content Construction Kit. Content filter is a plugin which filters the content of a Joomla article K2 Seblod according to Joomla usergroups usernames and user ids.

Set the permissions on the Site Form to Public so that anyone can access and create a User Profile. SEBLOD field User Name. As you know I use Seblod.

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