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09042020 This document contains a list of useful OSCP commands split into the following sections. Show network information.

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Ls -ltr – Sort list by last modified.

Oscp command list. Dir A Print out file content like cat. Its a difficult journey attempting to obtain the OSCP. File Transfer Windows Password Cracking.

Md folderName Show hidden files. What type of file it is. Grep -v Permission denied 2 grep –colorauto -rnw -ie PASSW.

Port 111 RPCINFO Open. These notes commands should be spoiler free of machines in both the lab and the exam and are not specific to any particular machine. CProgram FilesUnquoted Path ServiceCommonexe.

Pop3 -V hydra -S -v -l USER. All of your preparation will have paid off at this point whether you pass or fail. Locate passw more.

Grep –colorauto-R -i passw. I have not included all the services. List of useful commands shells and notes related to OSCP – P3t3rp4rk3rOSCP-cheat-sheet-1.

CMD – Windows commands. Users Get-NetUser Get users with several not all properties Get-NetUser select -ExpandProperty samaccountname List all usernames Get-NetUser -UserName student107 Get info about a user Get-NetUser -properties name description Get all descriptions Get-NetUser -properties name pwdlastset logoncount badpwdcount Get all pwdlastset logoncount and. Ls -ltr – Sort list by last modified.

When getting desperate we can perform a search through all files containing the words passw. Less – Output file but just little bit at a time. Mput Send multiple files.

Offensive Security OSCP Logo. Binary Switches to binary transfer mode. 17082020 The OSCP Exam.

02072020 Other Enumeration Command. Get Get file from the remote computer. List what rights the sudo user has.

Ps aux awk print 11xargs -r ls -la 2devnull awk x 0. Cewl wwwhackiesin -m 5 This will give a list of words found on the website with minimum of 5 character length Using this word list if we want to add numbers or any changes to the word list we will use john fr that Edit john config file etcjohnjohnconf to give the rule. The equivalent to the Linux command.

Ps aux grep root. It may look messy I just use it to copy the command I needed easily. 17112019 For example if we have an executable in the following unquoted directory CProgram FilesUnquoted Path ServiceCommon Filesuncsvcexe then Windows will look for the executable consecutively in following paths.

30052019 Useful OSCP Notes. However I have covered most predominant services experienced during the OSCP. If it is a binary or text file for example.

Mget Get multiple files. It rather just a list of commands that I found them useful with a few notes on them. Cat – Output content of file.

Pop3 -V Read mail telnet IP. SQLi for Login Bypass. Ls -la etcexports 2devnull.

-s 995 -f IP. Find -name file 2devnull. Whoami Dealing with files and stuff.

LFI Can execute code. The following command will list processes running by root permissions and NFS exports. If youve made it to the point of feeling confident enough to take the exam Im proud of you.

Put Send one file. File – Show info about file. The content in this repo is not meant to be a full list of commands that you will need in OSCP.

Type filetxt grep files. 18092020 hydra -l USER. Proving Grounds Practice 19pm.

Proving Grounds Practice offers machines created by Offensive Security and so the approach and methodology taught is very much in line with the OSCP. Linux main commands in OSCP. Echo services running as root.

01082019 You can refer the above enumeration checklist for TCPUDP services. At this stage you will be in a very good position to take the leap to PWK but spending a few weeks here will better align your approach. 16052019 Just some oscp cheat sheet stuff that I customized for myself.

Ls – List files in directory. Remove recursively and its content. After finally passing my OSCP Exam I figured I would create a post with my useful notes and commands.

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