The best news apps for Android and iOS

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in New York 2022

App development is one of the most embraced technologies that has helped millions of entrepreneurs, startups, medium-sized businesses, and even large corporations connect with their potential customer base, expand their service reach, and build a better way of communicating within themselves business processes and also with their consumers. Proper use …

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The Telegram founder calls on Apple to restrict web developers by specifically restricting app functions in the iOS / Digital Information World

Telegram and Apple don’t have the best relationship and this new development is further proof of that. The messaging company’s founder was once again spotted slamming the tech giant for deliberately preventing web developers from reaching their best potential. The news comes as Pavel Durov accused Apple of restricting certain …

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The 5 best time management apps

Time management is a fantastic skill to have, but it needs to be learned and developed. Tools can help, though, and that’s where time management apps come in. From a timer that can help you work better and enjoy a break, to reminder apps that help you make the most …

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The 5 best payment apps of 2022

The world has gone digital and we are officially in the age of the app. With mobile apps being so widespread, it makes sense that they would also change the way we make payments. The days of sending bank checks and money orders are long gone thanks to the development …

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