How To Wrap Tarot Cards

Its an excellent idea to wrap your tarot cards in a protective cloth before you set them in the tarot box. But if doing so makes you feel good about your cards then do it.

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This is one of my favorite methods because in addition to cleaning the Tarot cards it protects them.

How to wrap tarot cards. All you have to do is place one or more crystals on top of your Tarot deck and leave it for an hour or two up to overnight or a whole day. Ad Discover shop curated products from the best Independent boutiques in Europe. Additionally you also want to store them in a safe place where they will not get wet ripped or moved around.

Now place your cards in the container and make sure theyre surrounded with salt on all sides yes even the top. Tarot cards should be stored either in bags or wooden boxes. Wrap the cards in a silk scarf Keep your cards in a small box Put the cards in a cloth bag with a drawstring Ultimately the goal is to never leave your cards laying scattered around the house.

Give it a crystal bed or a. To properly store your tarot cards you will need a bag box or cloth to wrap them in. If you want to try out this method to cleanse tarot cards first wrap your card tightly in a plastic bag.

Most tarot decks come in a box and the majority of those are tuck boxes with the little flap that tucks into the box. Take the bottom piece and fold it underneath the deck pointing up. Many experienced Tarot readers wrap their cards in a swathe of silk or other type of luxury material and treat the deck as if it was a piece of valuable treasure.

Ad Discover shop curated products from the best Independent boutiques in Europe. A popular way to store your tarot cards is in boxes. Adorn it with flowers wrap it in dreamy material or give it a special nook.

Other people prefer to store their Tarot deck in a portable drawstring pouch with a piece of beautiful Quartz crystal to absorb any negative energies. These should be lined with silk or the cards wrapped in silk then put into the storage unit. It is advisable to keep the original box and the little booklet that came with it.

Also if you enjoy keeping crystals or other vital items that provide you energy and guidance with your tarot deck its effortless to do that with a box or tin. Whats important is that you feel good about how your storing your Tarot deck. You should also consider cleansing your cards and storing them with a crystal.

When I first started out I wrapped them in a scarf. Then take an airtight container with salt that is big enough for your cards. Here is how to wrap the rest of the fabric around the Tarot deck.

Wooden boxes carved stone boxes enamel boxes and tins are all attractive ways to keep your tarot deck secure and protected. This video will explain how I make my reversible tarot wrap bags. Tarot cards respond well to charging because of the tactile and kinetic nature of their use.

Because they must be touched shuffled and moved about means cards require charging to align them with fresh intention from time to time. You dont need to wrap your cards in silk and keep them somewhere sacred in order to have a good reading experience. Wrap them in silk or velvet.

These bags are large enough to hold not only tarot but oracle cards as well. Take the side piece and fold it underneath the deck towards the left. Tuck in the ends in one of the pockets created by the edges of the fabric or tie them if you can.

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