How To Use Kansa Wand On Feet

2 The recommended herbal creams and oils made with pure ayurvedic essential oils used with the kansa massage wand will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin due to the massaging action increasing blood flow and stimulating new cell growth. Saver Kansa Wands Pack Smaller Kansa Face Wand.

Kansa Wand Massage A Miraculous Discovery For Health And Longevity Kansa Wand Wands Massage

Use enough oil so the wand glides easily across the skin.

How to use kansa wand on feet. Gently going up and down. Kansa in the ancient language of Sanskrit translates to bronze and they have been used in the Indian subcontinent ever since people learned to make copper and aluminum alloys by heating metal to very high temperatures. Suppose you are thinking about how.

Used on the neck back and feet it can increase the connection between the body and mind to de-stress and improve energy. Traditionally they are bused on the face feet and body along with Ayurvedic massage oils. You can also use this wand on your body and feet for foot reflexology and to stimulate other Marma points DuringAfter a Kansa Face Massage Take a few drops of oil and dab over the face and decollete.

To getting the most from your Shankara Kansa Massage. Focus on the nasolabial folds marionette lines and the jawline says Kavita Khosa founder of PurearthIn her Kwansha Beauty Coin a mix between a gua sha tool and a kansa wand the best of both shapes and materials are used. Rub the kansa wand up.

Make the figure of 8 at the bottom of your foot 21 times. Once you have done this a few times on both sides take the kansa wand to your jawline following it from your chin up towards your ear. Kansa wands are available in a variety of sizes.

To use the Kansa wand you need to pair it with a facial serum advises Ranavat. The dome of the kansa wand is shaped into a domed device that is used to massage the face neck feet and other parts of the body. For decades it has been used to relieve stress increase energy and make skin glow.

Start to pay attention to the eyebrows and work around the temples. Kansa wand is a very good massage tool with easy to handle for producing gentle friction on the skin. Use deep slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes from the centre of the face outwards to stimulate lift and tone skin.

Work back and forth to release tension in the forehead. The Kansa wand comes in larger sizes for full body massage. Repeat these circular motions on the main part of your foot then work gently across the toes.

How To Use Kansa Wand. Below is a breakdown of the three sizes and their uses. Relaxed rather than stress.

From your cheekbones move down to follow the nasolabial fold those lines that bracket your mouth and lead to your nose. I highly suggest you use the wand on your chest as this skin ages quickly and the Kansa wand can help smooth that skin over time. Slowly run the kansa wand up and down the sole.

That makes you feel grounded rather than overwhelmed. This is a sign that the circulation in the skin is improving one of the positive effects of using a kansa wand. This face wand expressly designed for performing facial massage features a smooth dome surface.

Massage circles on top of each toe. Are you looking for a home self care ritual that you truly look forwards to. 2 On the jawline massaging the TMJs.

To reduce fine lines on forehead use eraser motion to vertically slide Kansa wand up and down on forehead. The Kansa wand will leave you with a relaxed sensation while not feeling too painful for your feet. It glides gently across sensitive facial skin.

Rubbing the Kansa wand gently on the feet enhances ones wellness. Make clockwise circles on the bottom of foot. When using Kansa Wand as a face massage tool introduce it from the head holding the wand like a pencil and gently massage with clockwise circular motion on the forehead.

In India they use a saffron-infused serum Ranavat explainsthe tradition inspired the brands saffron. Therapists apply gentle pressure heels and edges with up and down strokes. How to Use a Kansa Wand on your Feet.

A kansa wand should be used with a serum or oil so it doesnt tug at the skin. Circle 11 times around the heel. Start by applying a dab of oil to the metal side of the wand.

This is just what we train techs at high-end spas. In India they used a saffron-infused serum like our Radiant Rani Illuminating Botanical Serum that helps with brightness and inflammation By combining the Kansa wand with. Massage the organic oil that came FREE with your wand all over the face and neck and chest if you plan on using the wand there too.

Massaging the feet is the most traditional use of Kansa wand to balance the three doshas and calm the entire body. I usually use about 2 or 3 pumps of the organic oil that came with my wand. 1 Up and down on the side.

The Kansa wands wooden handle and bronze dome make it easy to apply pressure on the face in gentle strokes. Follow the line upwards from your jaw to your nose. The Kansa wand has a smooth rounded top with a relatively large curvature that protrudes cylindrically to give you a good grip.

Just follow the simple steps below and youll be pleased with the results you see. Then begin to work in gentle circular motions applying very light pressure. How To Use It.

You may notice the skin starting to have a rosy complexion. Twist off each toe 3 twists each. Apply some oil onto your skin and let it sink in for 5 minutes.

Massage the top of the foot. Ayurvedic physicians use the Kansa tool on the soles and rub it in a circular motion.

Why May You See A Greying Effect On The Skin By Using The Kansa Wand The Primary Reason For This Is Because Of Ac Kansa Wand Best Magnesium Massage Techniques

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