How To Stack Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

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How To Silence Your Lone Wolf treestands climbing sticks – YouTube.

How to stack lone wolf climbing sticks. I attach my first two on the ground and just take them off the stand as i go up. Discussion Starter 1 Oct 17 2012. The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks feature reversible steps for added convenience.

Stick talons makes packing easy and they are great for a mobile setup as you can climb with the stand on your back and keep two of the sticks attached until you need them. Lone Wolf Climbing Stick. This is how I use my Lone Wolf sticks when I am climbing.

Silent Touch 100 of our sticks are equipped with a ultra thin rubber coating reducing sound providing silent transport. Some other brands have a double step design meaning that you have a step on each side on all row. I can get my stand platform about 23 with 4 sticks.

They arrived last week and I took them. With stand strapped to back get up on 1st stick. Lone Wolf Stands are American made have the best Aluminum casting in the industry.

It comes in two different options for you. This aider is also adaptable for other manufacturers sticks. Why we like it.

Best Overall Climbing Stick. Lone Wolf Climbing Rope and Tree Stand Modification. Lone wolf climbing stick modifications.

Pivoting V-Brackets adjust to match the natural contour of the tree. When climbing attach 1st stick. My last video showed how to silence the buckles but is there a better way.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Attach 3 and 4 to harness belt with 2nd linemans belt. Saves me from making multiple trips up and down the tree.

Additional hardware may be needed and is not included. If playback doesnt begin shortly try. They are a single step design meaning that each row of steps is a set up to the right or the left of the stick.

The long nature of the sticks makes them sometimes topbottom load given a growth or change in the tree along the run – which is a bit dangerous. I did away with the straps that come with the sticks and I am using 14 amsteel blue rope. SINGLE STEP Aider for use with Compact short and long sticks come with a locknut and utilize factory bolt for installation.

Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 13 of 13 Posts. For two years now Ive wanted to buy one of the Lone Wolf climbing stick caddys to use on those rare instances where my stand is in place and I just need sticks. Ease of use competitive pricing and reversible steps make this is the king of climbing sticks.

The strap and buckle that comes with the Lone Wolf climbing sticks and tree stand can be noisy due to the metal buckle. No matter what sort of tree youre looking to get a vantage point from the Lone Wolf Climbing Stick. Lone WOLF Climbing Sticks Hang And Hunt Setups – YouTube.

I researched climbing sticks to pack in and out with a mobile hang on set-up after research ended up going with a set of 4 Lone Wolf sticks I am aware you love your LW sticks. The Lone Wolf climbing sticks are available as single a pack of 3 or a pack of 4 and retail for 200USD for the pack of 4. How To Double Stack Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks Using A Stick Quiver.

Lone Wolf Climbing Stick. Set 2nd stick on strap of 1st stick. The single step system seems sub optimal given you cant stand both feet at the same level at any time.

MASTER BAITER Registered. Compact Stick Stacking System Rubber bushings in each stick allow sticks to stack flush onto one another providing the smallest profile of any stick and ultimate silence when transporting. By Jerry Long June 13 2011 Making a Lone Wolf climbing stick carry strap.

Fits 4 – 22 tree diameter. DOUBLE STEP Aider for use with Double Step Sticks come with Attachment bolt and locknut. The best climbing sticks for saddle hunting or for all forms of tree hunting must have the power to support any hunter to ensure they dont fall off the tree in the process of climbing the tree and the Lone wolf climbing stick is a reliable one to keep you safe and secured.

How To Silence Your Lone Wolf treestands climbing sticks. Plus it leaves the middle of the stand wide open to stuff your cloths and pack. These Climbing Sticks are ingeniously designed to nest together and mount directly on the Assault treestand or ALPHA Hang On treestand.

Take 3 and 4 off your other linemans belt as you go.

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