How To Spawn Silica Pearls In Ark

This video is meant to be a guide to show people all of the silica pearl locations on the new map Valguero. The image to the left shows a typical underwater clam populated with the pearls.

Id love for some of you all to check it out and share with me some feedback so I can see whats good and what I can continue to improve on to bring quality content to help people play this game without wasting too much time on looking for stuff on the interwebs.

How to spawn silica pearls in ark. Paste this command into your Ark game or server admin console to obtain. One of the main ingredients when creating electronics Silica Pearls are found deep on the ocean floor and in underwater caves. Ragnarok Top 3 Silica Pearl Spawn Locations BEST Method – YouTube.

Survival Evolveds DLC Extinction and can be used in recipes as a replacement for Silica Pearls. To spawn the item using the GFI use the command. Finding Harvesting Silica Pearls.

Each node drops about 5-10 pearls. There are three ways to spawn an item. As with any underwater farming mission certain precautions should be undertaken.

The Silicate is a resource in ARK. The Ark item ID and spawn command for Sap along with its GFI code blueprint path and example commands. That new gacha dino can create silica pearls and even black pearls theyre found in the sunken forest biome.

The key to harvesting the pearls is to recognize them. Black Pearl Command GFI Code The admin cheat command along with this items GFI code can be used to spawn yourself Black Pearl in Ark. Silica Pearls can also be obtained by harvesting corpses of Trilobite Eurypterid and Leech or looting Giant Beaver Dam.

Picking oysters in the northwest shores. You can use the Item ID the Blueprint path or the GFI which is the part of the Blueprint path that contains the Items name. Keep taming them until you find one that can produce silica pearls and keep in mind you shouldnt tame a ton of them and keep them bundled up theyll only produce if.

Try searching under rocks and in underwater caves where they can often be found in large groups. To spawn using the GFI command please see the GFI command. The Trilobite is also a good way to get Oil and Silica Pearls without getting deeper in the ocean.

Farming Silica Pearls. The Deep Ocean as in the Deepest parts out towards the edge of the map also have plenty of Silica Pearls. There are three main ways to find Silica Pearls that I have discovered so far.

Copy the command below by clicking the Copy button. To spawn the item using the Blueprint path use the command. As of Patch 1930 the Trilobite had its shallow water spawn reduced as well as its chances of dropping Oil and Silica Pearls nerfed.

Trilobite seem to spawn early in the morning along the coast line. Medium to Hard Yield. Click the Copy button to copy the item ID to your clipboard.

Using an Otter or Anglerfish to harvest Coelacanth will yield small amounts of Silica Pearls. Simply pick the white pearls from the stone using your hand. Secondly you can find Silica Pearls in the shallow river near the Snow Biome in the North-East.

Finally you can do it the right way. The first and most difficult and dangerous is in the Deeper Ocean. I find that this is the simplest most hassle-free way to acquire large amounts of pearls.

Youll be able to find these on the ocean-floor and in underwater caves. To spawn Silica Pearls use the command. Cheat giveitem BlueprintGameExtinctionCoreBlueprintsResourcesPrimalItemResource_SilicatePrimalItemResource_Silicate 1 0 0.

To spawn an item using the Item ID use the command. You dont get many Silica Pearls per Trilobite and it is an uncommon drop but I find harvesting these little critters is the fastest and easiest way to get Silica Pearls. Survival Evolved – Spawn Every Resource and Material in the GameThis video shows you how to Spawn Every Resource and Material in ARK.

The clams that hold them are very bright and sparkly making it easy to spot them from a distance. Oysters The Island Length. Ark Commands Ark CommandsIDs.

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