How To Shim A Scope For Windage

If youre using two piece bases i would suggest a one piece rail. Testfire adjust again in same manner until close enough to center.

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Need help to shim up my scope Reply 9 on.

How to shim a scope for windage. July 23 2009 100209 PM Hello Chas make sure you mounted the UTG with the lip butting against the front of the rail and then use the lowest weaver type rings you can get that will get the scope tube closer to the boreHigh rings will cost you some valuable clicks that you need so get the scope as close as you can without touching the. If required a shim can be put under either the front or rear ring to raise or lower the scope. I would really like to fix this as cheaply as possible for him as he doesnt have the.

Last bed the scope. Tighten the ring screws. Now lap H out the rings until the scope is a loose fit with the ring caps tight.

With the new scope and the mounts in the correct position the scope is way too far forward in the rings – almost 12 the scope is in front of the front ring. I did come back and mechanically zero the scope the elevation is 152 mils and windage is 158 So I set the elevation to 76 and windage to 79 then loosened the turrets and moved them on zero. Always left and low or always right.

I have never messed with shims but after talking to a local guy who does a lot of shooting and the drinking and destruction of a beer can I shimmed the rear scope base with two shims. Over adjusting of elevation and windage may lead to internal damage of your riflescope. Cut a small piece as a shim.

If there is a reason that you cannot have the clamps on the left side of the rifle then shim the front of the scope on the left side if the clamps must remain on the right side of the rifle. 35mm negative film is 005 inches thick and a good shim material. Starting with the elevation turret up and being very careful not to move the box rotate the scope while watching the crosshairs.

Got the windage dialed but my elevation was 12 inches high at 100yds with the turret bottomed out. If you get the the rifle level in a vise then level the mounts to the rifle then level the scope to the mountsrings it should be level. By loosening the front cap screws the scope is allowed to pivot freely which is critical in that it prevents torquing the scopeand potentially even bending it.

Move the rear windage accordingly and retighten screws. After removing the elevation and windage turret covers place the box and scope on a flat surface like a bench and tape it down. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch.

Some suggested using a. Shimming can be done in the lower half of the ring also but great care must be taken. Take off scope level mounts ensuring they are parallel with the rifle.

Calculate how much shim you need to get the windage turret roughly centered in its travel. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. If it is a windage problem Burris and maybe others make rings that have screws on both sides of the rings allowing you to move the scope left or right as required.

Say with 030s at 5 of spacing 216 at 100yds 206-MOA 100yds But I wouldnt shim a 2 piece base set for fear of bending the scope tube. I figured Id shim under the front of the mount to raise the scope up and I was thinking of just cutting up an old COKE can and using it for shim material—its about 0005 thick. Adjust the windage and elevation as needed and fire again.

Loosen the front cap screws just enough to free up the scope. If the windage turret is full right all the way counterclockwise then shim the rear ring clamp on the right side. Now aim the crosshairs at a precise spot 50 yards or farther away.

The alteration of your scope by adding shims means that your zero will likely be gone. And shim for windage exactly the same as you do for elevation in the horizontally split variety. Fire three shots into a target or known area and then measure them from center.

Usually when scopes are not aligned the deflection is always linear. A sodapop can and a scissor. You could maybe correct for inproper alignment by canting the scope but i would attack this problem in a.

If I reverse the mount bases the scope looks right but Ill likely get the elevation error again. Offset in xxxs Ring Spacing X 3600 Inches of Offset at 100yds. Cut for a good fit.

I dont want to shim the scope. Id like the scope to be set up so that I zero to 500 yds and yet still run the adjustment all the way to the bottom and still zero in at 200 yd zero if needed. At this point your scope should be mounted with the crosshairs centered and eye relief set.

With a one piece mount your more likely to dent or miss shape the tube most scopes windage adjustment valuation is say 1 click 14 100yds you will require a fair amount of packingshimming for 16yds. Shim between scope and rings. I am have no idea what can be the problem I really need some help.

Mount the scope in the rings being careful to get eye relief set just right. Some use paper card stock -this will change over timeget wet. Inches 1047 MOA Offset at 100yds.

Mount both rings on the bases and snug down the cross screw nuts. Ie to shift the POI to the right shim on the right side of the front ring andor the left side of the rear ring – vice-versa to push the POI to the left. Good hardware stores have brass shim stock too youll be able to cut with scissors for the thickness youll be using.

Shim the front of the base for additional downward movement.

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