How To Say I Love You In Tigrinya

Te quiero I really-really care for you spanish. Answer by tonyflair2002 Argos ubiscious varnu wanna mouchan very much you can add this on the end.

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Wonderful that you have arrived safely እንቋዕ ብድሐን ጸናሕካ ənqwaˋ bdeHen SenaHka m እንቋዕ ብድሐን ጸናሕኪ ənqwaˋ bdeHen SenaHki f lit.

How to say i love you in tigrinya. Te Amo I love you srilankan. To men ይቅሬታ ግበርለይ.

Kuv hlub nej ib yam li kuv Txiv hlub kuv. I know you I know your sins I know your heart and I love you Ke a go itse ke itse maleo a gago ke itse pelo ya gagoe bile ke a go rata jw2019. I am trying to find out how to say I love you.

Love in Tigrinya.

I am trying to find out how to say I love you in her language Tigrinya without going to her or family. If someone could tell me the proper spelling that would be much appreciated. Mama Oyata Arderyi sudanese Bari.

Eritrean Tigrinya.

Nice to meet you. English – Tigrinya Deutsch – Tigrinya Nederlands – Tigrinya Norsk – Tigrinya Svenska – Tigrinya unofficial Google Translate for Tigrinya Free translation from and to Tigrinya. Naku penda followed by the persons name swedish.

Xav hais rau kuv tsev neeg tias kuv hlub nej. A collection of useful phrases in Tigrinya a South Semitic. 5 Ways To Say I Love You in Various Languages in Africa 1.

To my dear family I love you. Nan nyanyar do I love you Nan nyanyar do parik I love you very much swahili. Hello General greeting ሰላም selam How are you.

How I love you. Kuv yeej hlub koj. I wont to know all that i can know – so if you know alout of words in Tigrinya that can help me out i would love it thnx-s.

How to say love in Fon or Fɔngbè language is Wanyinan. Getting attention ይቅሬታ ግበረለይ.

I love you lulu. Chha di garn syrianLebanes. 55 rows Useful phrases in Tigrinya.

BHEBBEK to a. Genesis 1717 He later became known as the father of all those having faith Romans 411 Together they built a fine strong marriage one that was marked by respect good. Cia li txais kuv txoj kev hlub tas mus li.

Jag älskar Dig swiss-German. As the Father hath loved me so have I loved you. The language is native to Benin Togo and Nigeria and its speakers are called Fon people.

Wonderful that you have stayed well response to above. Continue ye in my love.

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