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Property Record Card consolidates your entire parcel and property details in a single place for staff and citizens alike. Reading Your Property Record Card.

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How to read property record card. To access your property information enter a property number assessment code name or address in the search box above. You can combine selections like Residential Property Use and a location like Main Street. Copies of Property Deeds The South Middlesex Registry of Deeds in Cambridge is the guardian of all deeds for the Town of Concord.

Superintendent of Land Records. Enter 7-digit parcel number eg. In this article we look at malmatta patrak or property card in detail.

In Maharashtra property card is issued by local authorities to establish ownership in Urban Area while for rural areas 712 extract is issued. To find the assessed value of your property find the entry under Land The value of any manmade improvements to the bare land such as your home fencing or landscaping will be under Imprv meaning improvements. Online Map With Assessment Data Address Needed Geographic Information System GIS Program.

The map number represents the ID of the map sheet on which the parcel is displayed. Search by State Parcel Number. Assessments are computed at 70 of the estimated market value of real property at the time of the last revaluation which was 2018.

Enter the 18-digit state parcel number eg. After finding your property information Search above in blue bar click on Assessors Record Card. Reading a residential appraisal report means breaking it down into sections to understand how the appraiser arrived at his conclusion of value.

1 MAPLOTSUB – Numbers represent the parcel identification numbers PID used by the town. Search by Owner Name. To obtain a copy of your Property Record Card please call or visit the Office of the Assessor.

Read your deed and plot the property on the diagram youve drawn. Download the PDF on How to Read Your Property Record Card PDF. Read the actual deed description.

PUNE PIN Code. Property card as the Record of Right RoR provides detailed information about ownership of land and history of holders of land. You may obtain a copy of your deed through their records website.

Enter all or part of the owner name. By clicking on the PDFAdobe symbol the Property Record Card will open in a new screen if your computer has Adobe. Because the earth is round each section can not measure the total 640 acres.

Each parcel is listed as a separate record or card and has a Parcel Identification Number PIN. Enter a property number assessment code name or address in the search box to view property characteristics. If the search by owner is available you may want to enter only the last name such as Smith instead of the whole name due to how properties are registered in the Assessors Office.

We can print email or fax you a copy. After entering a search term select a county to improve search speed. To read the survey accurately you need to know how land surveys are created.

Property Record Card Property Assessment Division. View Property Card. APPRAISAL CARD – FRONT SIDE As you can see the appraisal card is broken into sections.

Search by Parcel Number. If the description is using townships and then refers to a lot this is a government lot. View market and taxable values by taxing jurisdiction and county.

Locate properties by browsing the statewide parcel map. How to Read Your Property Record Card. You should find a description of the property comparable sales explanatory notes for any property issues.

Please select how you would like to search properties. You can gain that understanding by reading a land survey for the property. When results are returned depending on the resolution to which your computer is set PROPERTY RECORD CARDS are in PDF file format and accessible by moving the scroll bar at the bottom of the search results page to the right.

Any data can be included to provide one source of reliable information integrate Property Record Card with Comper Community or Ortho-Photography to create a. The lot number and sub lot are the unique ID for the parcel on that map sheet. Its critical that both the buyer and the seller understand exactly what is being sold.

Live Assessment data can be found on GIS Based Maps. Governemnt Bunglow no1 Samata Nagar Airport Road Badami Chowk Near Ishanya Mall Yerawada City. Buying property may be the biggest financial decision a homeowner or business owner will ever make.

Each PIN has a Property Record Card PRC with information specific to that parcel and its value. The Assessors office is responsible for the maintenance of records on the ownership of properties. Please choose a search option.

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