How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning

Pick-Up Items off the Floor. Vacuum Out the Dust.

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Heres how you can prepare your home for professional carpet cleaning services.

How to prepare for carpet cleaning. You may be wondering. As youre preparing for your professional carpet cleaning we ask that you pick up any small items off the floor such as toys. Avoid walking on the carpet especially with shoes until the carpet is dry.

This can take 2 to 8 hours depending on how humid the air is on. Damp carpet especially will pull stains ad paint from furniture into your freshly cleaned carpet. We use cleaning agents and pressurized hot water to loosen debris from carpets.

It aids in the removal and proper placement of small items such as toys coins cables. Avoid walking on the carpet especially with shoes until the carpet is dry. Much as you would vacuum or sweep a hard floor before mopping or cleaning it.

How To Prepare for Carpet Cleaning at Home. Once you have booked an appointment with Pure Dry and you have a date for when they are coming there are certain things. Carpets furniture and area rugs capture a lot of dust dirt and hair.

Should I vacuum before carpet cleaning If your carpets are particularly dirty and there is visible dirt on the floors we recommend that you. Remove lamps plants tables and the rest of the furniture. This can take 2 to 8 hours depending on humidity and temperature.

You absolutely must vacuum the carpet before a carpet cleaning company arrives at your home they can do it for you but its an extra charge. After Your Carpet Cleaning. While all our chemicals are non-toxic please do not allow small.

Leaving this extra work including vacuuming the carpet moving. There are two main things that you should keep in mind regarding how to prepare for carpet cleaning. Before you call in the commercial carpet cleaner it will.

Almost immediately a strong vacuum sucks up the water and grime left behind. Decluttering the room is the first carpet cleaning preparation method. To prepare the carpet clear as much as possible that will allow them to clean to the best of their ability.

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