How To Prep Ground For Shipping Container

Simple Ways To Keep Your Shipping Container Off The Ground – YouTube. Keeping the container off the ground can be done by using railroad ties or pressure-treated 6x6s under the containers.

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Once the ground has been levelled off another good idea is to get a compactor in that will hammer the ground nice and flat and hard giving you an even firmer surface for the arrival of your shipping container or the laying of more permanent foundations.

How to prep ground for shipping container. This can help reduce corrosion on the bottom of your container unit and maintain your container warranty. We recommend that the shipping container is raised up slightly from the ground to ensure its not sat in any wet puddles or mud and to allow an airflow underneath which will dry out the underside of the container between wet spells. This will keep your container firm and strong even if some soil or dirt erodes away.

This is one of the most important shipping container delivery tips because a sinking container will cause a lot of damage. To check the flatness of your ground use a level checker tool removing any visible debris beforehand. In an earlier post Top 8 Points to Consider When Buying or Hiring a Shipping Container we discussed the need for a level foundation to place your shipping container onWhether youre hiring a container for a short term storage solution or buying a container as a workshop or shed its important that you plan out your foundation properly.

An even solid site is the ideal environment to position your shipping container on as soft and un-even ground may cause the corners of the container to sink and therefore rack out. Visit our website and get a quote. Uneven ground can affect the entire setup and use of your storage box.

Pro-tip to level your supports. Where you choose to place your shipping container is very important and we strongly recommend placing your container on ground which is both level and hard standing. We understand how important this is and we have done the research for you in this handy guide.

For a 40 container use three or four 6x6s. Visit our website today. The ground area should be solid and if there are any uneven areas those should be smoothed out and leveled to match the remainder of the area where the shipping container will sit.

Putting your shipping container up on blocks will not only help protect your landscape but also prevent flooding from all that wet West Coast weather. This will make the doors easier to open. Now you can install the tubes for anything underneath the shipping container.

If you can afford it you could pave the arear or add concrete. As shone in the photos above the next step is to place treated 4x4s in place to support the sides of the shipping container. Visit our website today.

With the larger shipping containers you will need to place extra cement filled barrel in the center. ATR recommends two 6×6 that are 9 long under a 20 container. Ad Simplify your logistics by shipping with us.

This planning needs to be careful and thorough. They can be found on Amazon Field Guardian Complete Grounding Kit 3-Feet or at just about any farm or ranch supply store we grabbed them at JAX Mercantile in Fort Collins CO. Check the board with a level to ensure the space between the two supports is level.

Let us simplify and connect your supply chain from end to end. All this will prolong the life of. Simple Ways To Keep Your Shipping Container Off The Ground.

You need to Prepare Before Receiving your Shipping Container. If you want the container to be in a certain location on a permanent basis it this is the best idea. After your container is delivered to you check to make sure everything is clear.

Ensure the ground that the container will be on is dry firm and level. The beams are driven into the ground until they hit a more solid and firm part of the ground which will become the base for a concrete slab. Let us simplify and connect your supply chain from end to end.

If your soil is too weak think silt and sand to bear the weight of concrete or a shipping container piles can help. The location where the container will sit needs to be decided based on several factors. Double Check the Work.

Visit our website and get a quote. Put your blocks or supports in place then stretch a board from one support to another. Put the supports in place before the shipping container will be delivered.

How to Ground a Shipping Container Grounding a shipping container is a quick and simple process. Ad Simplify your logistics by shipping with us. If the ground is unbalanced level it off with an excavator or a compactor.

To get the longest durability and most use from your container prepare your ground properly. Shipping container storage makes sense. Obviously youll first need to purchase a grounding kit.

A flat foundation is crucial before the placement of your shipping container. Preparing a site for a shipping container to be delivered will ensure there are no problems once the container is in place. Made of steel solid timber or concrete blocks should be laid at each corner of the shipping container.

These naturally must be level.

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