How To Make Pantua In Bengali

Chanar PantuaHow to make perfect chana pantuaBengali Sweets – YouTube. Pantua is a traditional bengali sweet.

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Make a thin sugar syrup with sugar and water.

How to make pantua in bengali. Dough Made from powder milk and little liquid milk. Divide the mixture into 20 equal portions. How to Make Bengali Pantua.

The first thing to do is to make chhana by boiling milk adding lemon juice and letting it curdle. Preparing the sugar Syrup. Form the mixture into crescents around 2 seeds of cardamoms.

Chanar PantuaHow to make perfect chana pantuaBengali Sweets ChanarPantua. I took a portion of about 1 cup of fresh chhana to make. Pantua and langcha are ready to fry.

So pantua is a round fried Bengali. Put 1 cup water in sugar and prepare a syrup of one. Mix flour in the coconut.

Gulab Jamun Bengali Style Pantua Recipe in Bengali Gulab Jamun RecipeLearn How to make Gulab Jamun Bengali Pantua at home very Easily Quickly. Step 3 Place sugar syrup on low heat to warm it up. A very popular variety of sweet at a Bengali mishtir dokan Sweet shop Pantua is a kind of Indian doughnut hailing from the eastern parts of the country.

Heat a kadai with oil and reduce the flame when it reaches smoking point. I made a huge batch of sugar syrup and the entire 6 liters of milk was made into chhana and kneaded. Take the sugar with water and let the sugar melt and remove the impurities if any.

Heat sufficient oil in a kadai and fry the pieces two at a time very carefully till evenly browned. Knead the chenna and semolina flour by adding ghee to make a smooth paste. How to make a Pantua and a few things that I learnt.

Cover the bowl and keep it aside for 30 minutes and divide the mixture into equal sized balls. Okay so these three can be called triplets. Then boil the sugar with the water and crushed cardamoms till one string consistency.

Pantua is a traditional bengali sweet. They come out of the same wok but have trifling differences to tell them apart. Bengali Sweets Recipe Gulab Jamun Sweets Recipes with Khoya bengali sweets Pantua – httpsyoutubeMx6P_YAnlKIBengali sweets recipe Pantua Gul.

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