How To Make A Weighted Softball

Adding product to your cart. The best way to practice with weighted balls has been debated but most research has shown that when used properly weighted balls can improve pitch velocity help.

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Vogel says weighted balls can be effective warm-up tools at half your normal throwing distance.

How to make a weighted softball. Look for good motion fundamentals. The Guts The first process in making the softball is forming the pill. Hold a weight about 6-to-12 inches in front of your body.

The hole should be big enough to funnel in. Weighted softballs are one of the best tools for training softball players. Slightly smaller than the golf ball the pill has a small cork center with two outer layers of.

Weighs around 5 lbs and its all in the end of the bat. Warming up can take less time too when using a weighted softball. This opens in a new window.

Or you can make your own by driving finishing nails into a softball. A weighted ball program is the to building your arm strength velocity and reduce armshoulder injury√°. Make a weighted medicine ball from a basketball.

Weighted bat training is the primary delivery system for all of our hitting mechanics. Cyfie Weighted Hitting Batting Balls 6 Packs Practice Softballs Heavy Balls for Hitting Batting Pitching Strength Muscle Training Hand-Eye Coordination Promoting. The weighted ball can be purchased from a sporting goods store.

Take an old basketball and drill a hole into one of the black stripes. They cut it in half at the barrel inserted a 2lb piece of steel and welded it back together. So a weighted heavy ball of 8 oz.

The added weight to. End-Loaded Softball Bats. Grab some finish nails and hammer them in through the seams.

After a slow warm up begin to twist at the waist do not twist or bend at the knees as rapidly as possible. So long as you dont want to add tons of weight making weighted balls is EASY and basically cost free. Weighted softball drill pitcher drills you softball pitching drills for all ages spot softball weighted ball set of 3 longstreth com do weighted base really.

One simple drill would be. Ogutier Pixabay Using Weighted Softballs for Training. Make 10 to 12 throws from the maximum distance and then work your way back in.

Your goal as a competitive athlete is not simply to get stronger in general but to improve your performance in the specific skills necessary to excel at the sport you. Try to extend the distance over time and you will increase your arm strength. Or more would represent the overload training tool.

Common arm exercises for softball players include arm circles in which you stand with your. Warm up your arms before starting to play catch with a weighted softball. How to Build An Affordable Weighted Bat.

For pitching a regular 12 inch softball weighs 65 oz. End-loaded softball bats are perfect for power hitters that are looking to get some extra weight behind their swing.

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