How To Make A Dorm Bed Comfortable

Whether its a soft teddy bear youve slept with for the last 15 years your favorite coffee mug or the robe you love wrapping yourself in when youre tired or cold bring it with you. You will do this because more than anything you want that bed to be filled with all the good things that remind your child of home.

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Getting enough sleep helps improve your academic success and enhances your overall college experience.

How to make a dorm bed comfortable. Its great the first few weeks but flattens out rather quickly. Rather than bringing a mattress to your college dorm it is better to make the one provided comfier with a mattress topper. To make your dorm bed more comfortable install a mattress topper for extra comfort and padding purchase high-quality sheets with high thread counts because they are softer use cozy blankets made of fleece or cotton and stock up on pillows.

Even if you dont plan on staying in the dorms for long you will most likely be staying there for a year at least. A mattress topper is the most important thing you can buy do make your dorm bed more comfortable. Making your bed comfortable helps you get the best quality of sleep possible.

Here are some ideas that you can try out. From a memory foam mattress topper to a super soft comforter following these ideas will guarantee you will be. This mattress topper has amazing reviews on Amazon and costs 7990 at the time Im writing this.

Purchase High-Quality Sheets Another way to make your college dorm bed more comfortable for you to sleep in is to buy high-quality sheets and blankets. Thats really all you need to make the bed comfortable. Cheap sheets have the tendency to retain heat and feel scratchy against your skin.

Fortunately for you there is no need to suffer with these mattresses any longer. Ad Compare Prices on Popular Products in Home Furniture. Summary College Dorm Bed Size.

Thus Ive put together a list of ideas to make your dorm bed more comfortable insuring you sleep better for a more studious smarter you. Walmart sells twin sized ones for 10 dollars. Ad Compare Prices on Popular Products in Home Furniture.

A mattress cover helps keep your mattress clean and a topper gives you extra padding to make your dorm bed more comfortable. Buy yourself a quality foam mattress pad. Instead there are several changes that you can make to ensure that you are sleeping on a much more ergonomic bed.

Specifically a mattress topper thats 3-4 inches thick with ventilation. Both of these things can cause inflammation on sensitive skin and can lead you to be uncomfortable all night long. This will provide enough comfort for you to fall asleep so you wont want to get out of your dorm bed in the morning.

I believe you can buy good ones for like 50 bucks or so. One of the best ways to make your dorm room feel like home is to bring a few cuddles from home. As you can imagine this doesnt really translate to comfy or cozy beds.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND. As you add each layer and smooth out all the wrinkles you will silently hope you are adding a protective coating of love as you transform the industrial-strength bed into your kids home. Get an extra thick mattress topper and you wont even feel the hard mattress underneath.

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