How To Increase Filesystem In Vxvm

An easier way of extending a FS. When I checeked vaultdg41 I found 6 GB of space freeBut when I checked vxprint op it shows volume v41 with subdisk emcpower38 and got confused in bw emcpower75 and emcpower38.

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We can re-size the volumes using vxassist and resize filesystem using fsadmvxresize command will perform both volume and filesystem re-size operation simultaneously.

How to increase filesystem in vxvm. You would see the difference in the DEVICE column in the output of vxdisk -eoalldgs list as shown above and below in the vxdisk command output. You should do a vxprint -ht before and after to see how the disks are mapped to the stripes. How to Extend VxVM Filesystem vxresize g 50g 4 df h MountPoint.

How to Increase Filesystem in VXVM. Loeroot- df k Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on devvxdskrootvol 8254263 2064133 6107588 26 proc 0 0 0 0 proc mnttab 0 0 0 0 etcmnttab fd 0 0 0 0 devfd devvxdskvar 4132179 2061025 2029833 51 var swap 4900664 104 4900560 1. Add new disk to diskgroup create a new volumeaddvol size100m using the new disk then check and add to vset to allow us to increase the volumefilesystem size vxdisksetup -i hds9500-alua0_232 vxdg -g testdg n1hds9500-alua0_232.

Then run command extendfs1m to increase the file system. Vxresize works with VxFS and UFS file systems. C If you DO NOT have OnlineJFS then.

By 100GB however I am confused which disk and diskgroup I have to check. In some situations when you resize large volumes vxresize may take a long time to complete. To extend the logical volume.

Instead use vxassist -g xxx maxgrow to list the amount that a specific volume can grow taking into account the volumes geometry concat vs stripe vs mirror. So your total volume size would be 500mb. Then finally extend vxvm filesystem as below.

Then run command fsadm1m to increase the file system. The vxdisk resize command enables the user to resize the size a VxVM managed disk following a Dynamic LUN Expansion DLE event performed at the storage layer. Hastatus -sum — System State Frozen A node1 running 0 A node2 running 0 — Group State — Group System Probed AutoDisabled State B zone1 node1 y N OFFLINE B zone1 node2 y N PARITIAL — Resources NOT PROBED –GROUP TYPE Resource System.

How to increase the filesystem size under veritas control. Mounting VxFS Filesystem in Red Hat Enterprise 7 RHEL 7 5. To change the scheme use vxdiskadm command and select option 20.

Run command lvexend1m to increase the logical volume size. Extend an existing vxfs volumeFS Tested on Solaris 8 VxVM 50 Solaris 10 VxVM 41. If you resize a volume with a usage type other than FSGEN or RAID5 you can lose data.

Vxresize works with VxFS file systems only. Unmount the file system in question. The ability to grow or shrink is file system dependent.

To extend or increase the volumes by specific size 800mb use growby option. Df -h grep data devvxdskmydgmyvol 15G 17M 14G 2 data. The vxresize command will either grow or shrink both the file system and its underlying volume to match the specified new volume length.

May be by issuing vxresize command that will extend volume and associated filesystem. Run command lvexend1m to increase logical volume size. If such an operation is required use the -f option to forcibly resize the volume.

So your total volume size would be added with the specified size. For example If you want to 5 Gb more space on root filesystem then please use the below command to extend the root filesystem size more 5 Gb. Vxassist -g testdg make testvol 100m The above command will create a volume with the name testvol having size 100 MB.

Vxassist -g mytestdg growto testvol1 500M Option 2. Some file system types may require that the file system be unmounted for the operation to succeed. I wanted to extend a veritas file system which is running on veritas cluster and mounted on node2 system.

On my Solaris box the root filesystem was created with rpool storage so if I need to increase or extend the size of root filesystem I need to take space from this zpool. Let us see an example I have a mount point data on top of the volume myvol. The VxVM volume and VxFS file system can also be increased in a single operation using the vxresize command.

You can use enclosure based naming scheme if you prefer that. If you dont have OnlineJFS youll have to umount the filesystem run extendfs devvgNAMElvolX and then mount the filesystem again. To increase the size of volume as well as the file system above it we can use vxresize.

This can always be done while the filesystem is mounted. You are done with extend vxvm filesystem in case one and now you can compare the current output with saved one to be sure before sending confirmation to the requester. To extend or increase the volumes to specific size 500mb use growto option.

If you have OnlineJFS installed you can then run fsadm -F vxfs -b mountpoint to extend the filesystem without umounting it. Anyway I recommend to use the step by step method in. VXVMveritas volume manager training 5 of 10 Volume Resize.

VXVM is very flexible and reliable volume manager to resize volumes without un-mounting it. Hi We have to increase size of below filesystem.

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