How To Fix Recliner Pull Handle

The two mechanisms that are used to recline your chair are either going to be cable-based or utilize a lever. I broke my handle to my recliner and had to get another to replace it.

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To replace the pull handle you need a.

How to fix recliner pull handle. How to repair the recliners mechanism. Before starting make sure the foot rest is closed. Here are easy to follow steps for the two methods.

Then you can install the recliner pull handle replacement. If its open youll have to press it or push it so that it goes to a closed position. The reclining mechanism is probably going to be one of the first things that you will need to repair on your recliner no matter if you are trying to repair a lazy boy or a lane recliner.

How to Fix My Recliners Pull Handle Place the footrest in the closedresting position. Ensuring these few stress-free guidelines should give you extensive use of the Pull handle on Your Recliner and avert it from breaking. Remove the screws used to hold the handle in place and gently remove the handle.

Take a screwdriver and a set of needlenose pliers from your toolbox. If you suspect your pull handle is broken which could be the case if your foot rest is not working you can fix it pretty easily. Here is how I put it on and what I went through to get a new handle.

Loose the screws and safely put them aside. Either way it can be fixed. Next take the new handle and insert it just like the old one.

Wipe the Pull handle from dirt and filthiness on a regular basis and make sure that no water or liquids get dripped on it. Turn your chair upside down. The pull handle can also get worn out for constant use over the years.

Replacing the Recliner Pull Handle. Set it up inside the escutcheon you removed previously with care. Make sure the new piece fits properly.

Now you will find the cables end attached to the old handle that is in turn connected to the recliner. So in the case of a recliner chair it must pull its handle mildly and softly without tugging or grabbing it hard. Now its time to introduce your recliner with the new handle.

Use the needle-nose pliers to separate the S- tip of this cable from the old handle. So where youll fix the mechanism clip back. Flip the recliner and keep it upside down in such a way that the armrest and the headrest touch the floor.

Generally there are two methods of fixing a recliner pull handle. Take off the decorative plate to detach the cable from the old handle. Theres a screw that allows the handle to hold its position.

Flip the recliner over and search for the screw that goes to the pull handle. To replace the new handle you should first install a new decorate plate. Push gently on the line and get this out from the handle.

Then screw it down accordingly. Hes is the part I ordered if you need it – httpsamznto2FAhePd. Method for Fixing a Pull Handle.

Once you take the bolt or screw off proceed to remove the broken handle and the escutcheon a protective piece or cover inside the pull-handle mechanism. Finally hold your recliner head rest and handle and turn in to normal position from downside floor. Slide the cable in the new handle pull it up and fix it in place.

Remove the broken pull handle with the chair upside down on the floor. Check if the footrest of your recliner is open or not. You will notice there is a cover to your pull handle which is called the escutcheon.

Remove the screw that holds the pull handle in position.

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