How To Fix A Broken Pipe Stem

I now ran the stem thought the various grits of sandpaper and micro-mesh pads. Refinish the pipe by removing all scratches and restain it.

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Turning the stem shoulder.

How to fix a broken pipe stem. This entry was posted in Pipe Refurbishing Essays and tagged Bowl – finishing CPF Meerschaum Pipes CPF pipes fitting a stem micromesh sanding pads pipe refurbishing refinishing refurbishing removing tooth marks repairing a cracked stem Repairing a crazed stem repairing bite marks repairing tooth marks reshaping a button and a slot. The pictures only tell a fraction of the story. I remove the tenon from the stem then open the stem from the shank end toward the button as far in as possible to 532 and taper it to an opening at the button of 18 or 764 depending on the thickness of the stem.

Cut out the damaged part. Hold the flame one and a half inches below the spot for about eight seconds. Drill bit in tailstock chuck to align stem.

As you know from Steves similar work I used 220 400 and 600 sandpapers to wet-sand the stem. Opening that stem airway makes a HUGE difference in the draw. Drill bit used for alignment is removed after chucking the stem and replaced with a dead center on the tenon end.

Then followed that with all nine Micromesh pads 1500 through 12000 grit using Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil in between each pad. I want my pipe to look newer what can be done. Repeat a couple of times and if it is a compression mark it may release a bit.

Heres an example of an oxidized stem with some teeth chatter. Getting ready to place the stem blank into the 3-jaw chuck of the headstock. Use a file sandpaper or utility knife to clean off the insides and outsides of the cuts until the surfaces are smooth.

It works quite quickly. Do you have twin bores. Briarville offers both vulcanite and acrylic replacement stems.

I was able close the gap but not completely the draw is air tight but if held up to the light you can still see a small gap. Yes I have some not all. Be careful not to scorch the vulcanite.

And of course there is always the professional repair man. An inexpensive solution to keep your vulcanite stems oxidation free is Obsidian Oil. Cut the pipe about 1 inch 25 cm to either side of the damage as straight as possible using PVC pipe cutters a ratchet cutter or a hacksaw.

Another option is you dont care to mess with filling in the holes is a rubber bite guard available from most online pipe tobacco sellers. Often oxidized stems that look like the one pictured can be fully restored at around half the cost of a new replacement stem. Do you have BakeLite Stems.

This entry was posted in Pipe Refurbishing Essays and tagged Banding a cracked shank Bowl – finishing buffing finishing fitting a stem micromesh sanding pads pipe refurbishing polishing polishing a stem polishing stems refinishing refitting a stem refurbishing removing file marks out of a stem repairing a cracked shank reshaping. Lowe in Ohio is excellent. The shank broke in half what can I do.

Do you replace meerschaum bowl and recork calabash bowls. I can splice it back together. Using a small fine flame with an adjustable butane lighter heat the stem at the point of the indentation.

If necessary heat the other piece of broken glass to smooth out any broken edges. Hold it there until you notice the glass begin to melt or bend. Do you do logos.

JB is great stuff but is not a good surface to chew on. Can you fix a hole in the. The button opening is then funneled into the airway.

This line is not only the horizontal one across the surface of the stem but also the vertical one looking at the pipe from the end. Hold the broken edge of the glass pipe above the flame then carefully lower the glass so that its inside the flame. Sanding the stem with 800 1000 and 1500 grit sandpaper wet and micro-mesh 1500-3200 wet and 3600- 12000 dry.

The only caution is to keep the line straight as you are removing the broken part of the stem. In repairing my pipes I use epoxy mixed with powdered charcoal.

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