How To Do Jain Pooja

As per pooja room vastu north-east corner of home is best site for pooja place. Jain people follow an exact way of offering different things known as puja.

Lakshmi Is Also An Important Deity In Jainism And Found In Jain Temples Ashtalakshmihinduart Ashtalakshmiwealth As Goddess Lakshmi Holi Girls Kali Goddess

By scriptural study one acquires knowledge that helps in understanding the concept of Right Faith Right Knowledge and Right Conduct Three Jewels of.

How to do jain pooja. This is a common Puja widely performed by most of the Deravasi Jain worshipers. It illustrates the celebration of two of the auspicious out of five events Kalyanaks. Navdevta Pooja नवदवत पज.

Ultimately these proper conducts coupled with right faith and knowledge will lead to liberation. The Snatra Pooja is done in temple in front of Bhagwans Idol. The finger nail should not touch the idol.

Samucchay Chaubisi Pooja समचचय चबस पज. Jain form of worship is also called Jain Puja. The deities should be arranged in the temple in the following manner.

The worship is done in two ways. Siddha Pooja सदध पज. These are known as Abhishek.

Chant the mantras and do pujas. Dravya puja worship with materials Bhava puja Psychic worship no need of materials Jains worship the God the scripture and the saint. JainPuja is a meticulous compilation of Jain Canonical literature for the propagation of Jain Doctrines and understanding Tirthankar Mahavira teachings which open the dimension of non-violence equality universal brotherhood and compassion.

This is an ideal way to start the day for many Jains. More elaborate forms of worship puja as described is a regular daily ritual usually done in the temple. Third time we ring the bell after the completion of Jin Pujä and befor we start the Bhäv Pujä Chatya-vandan.

We place a small brass or bronze idol of Bhagwan usually Shantinath Bhagwan and in absence any other Tirthankar in a Sihaasan or a throne on top of three tables tigadu. Performing puja of the Deity is a daily karma An act. 1 two toes of the feet 2 two knees 3 two wrists 4 the shoulders 5 the head6.

It is performed periodically. Right Toe is on the opposite side the Right Knee Arm and Shoulder of the idol Do not put Chandan on the palm or any other body parts of the idol Use the ring finger of the right hand for chandan puja. This time we ring the bell twenty seven times to symbolize twenty seven special characteristics of a Jain monk.

Shri Mahalaxmi- Saraswati Maha Poojan. Shodashopachar puja should be performed thrice daily morning afternoon and after sunset. Snatra Puja has been composed by Pandit Shri Veer Vijayji Maharaj in a very poetic style.

East and west are second best locations. Pooja Vidhi Prarambh पज वध पररमभ. Keep the idols in east andor west of the prayer room.

Samucchay Pooja समचचय पज. Dhyaanam Samarpayami Think or meditate on the Lord Aawaahanam Samarpayami Offering invitation the Lord Aasanam Samarpayami Offer a seat to the Lord. Samucchay Mahaargh समचचय.

To perform this pooja we need kesar nada chhadee kusumanjali things needed to perform ashta-prakari pooja panchamrut water kesarsukhad flowers dhoop deepak rice sweet fruit coins pearls and jewels rice dhoop kalash of water mirrors chamars fans rakhis deepaks bells and a kalash in the shape of a bull. Jains perform worship before the Jina idols bowing to the idols and lighting a lamp in front of the idols. Jain Pooja जन पज.

Wipe the Parmatma by three pieces of cloth to remove all water and make the Parmatma completely dry. This Puja involves puja of nine limbs. In Jainism the most important mantra is Navkar or Namokar mantra.

Adhar Abhisheks 18 Abhisheks is the pujan of 18 different types of Abhisheks with holy water and different Aushdhis from roots branches of trees flowers etc collected as per the specific timings provided in the Jain religion for this purpose. Non-violence Truthfulness Non-stealing Chastity and Non-possession. It is also a starting Puja before any other main Puja.

If this is not possible Shodashopacharpuja should be performed in the morning and Panchopacharpuja should be performed in the afternoon and after sunset. By doing this puja one should thrive to follow Five great Vows. Dev Shastra Jain Guru Pooja दव शसतर जन गर पज.

They also offer pure water along with many other pure liquids simultaneously when chanting mantras. The bell is rang second time when Abhishek Pujä is about to start. A typical Puja involves the following 27 steps.

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