How To Connect With Universe Energy

It is under one control. These are all ways to connect with the universe the divine or source whatever you would like to call it.

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Therefore we have access to anything and everything in the universe without having to seek for the meaning or find answers outside ourselves.

How to connect with universe energy. All we need to do is keep our awareness high and allow our intuition to make sense of all existing energy that that we have immediate access to. Why we are better than Universe. Feel your contact with the earth.

Since everything is energy and energy is God or the Higher Consciousness – then you are part of God. In this powerful 20 minute video brain-scientist Jill Bolte Taylor shares with us how we are all connected in this universe of energy. Imagine our spirit as a tiny spark of energy.

Key takeaways You can connect with divine energy through meditation where you can activate your usually dormant chakras with focused and mindful meditation as well as chants. The Universe is an all powerful and loving connection to the Source of all infinite potential. You dont have to spend a lot of time doing this meditation.

Even pausing briefly during a busy day to get quiet and ask for energy or guidance is a wonderful way to deepen contact with your Divine Self. Universe is nothing but stones gases fire etc. The controller is God.

When you align your energy with it you can use it to manifest your desires and attract the life. Getting out in nature. To access and harness this universal energy we must activate our creative mind and use our cerebral abilities to tap into this perpetual.

We are living humans. Being in harmony with this energy allows anything can happen. Really take in all elements of nature.

In fact it is very effective to have frequent ten or twenty-second meditation periods during the day. Like every rock every animal every tree the entire universe. It shapes every life and directs every being in the universe towards its destiny.

This is where inspiration comes from where you find your calling and where your next big idea resides. It does not have life. Religion did not came from Universe nor God.

Visualize your connection as a hose and as creative thought and energy coming through that hose into you. Time and space do not exist and somehow the processes of the cosmos are harmonized and unified within a single mysterious whole that is neither large nor small. The universe appears as a limitless network of such energy and information exchanges.

Breathe in fresh air. The universal energy encompasses the entire universe and every being residing in it. It is energy – part of the energy that makes up the universe.

There is no need to give in to those old ego thoughts that. Everything is connected through fractals of energy. Accept that within this energy of the Universal Mind is creativity and that you can connect to that creativity.

Universe does not have Knowledge wisdom brain thinking power eyes noes ears mouth. One morning she was having a massive stroke and as it happened she could feel that her brain functions slipped away one by one and at the same time she was feeling and seeing all this energy around her. The Number 1 most effective way to develop a connection to source is to use meditation.

Repeat the above format for other ways to connect with universe energy. And more importantly we have GOD. Sit still and listen.

How To Connect With Universal Energy. Listen to the sounds. How the universe energy plays in your life is all up to you.

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