How To Clean Flotex Carpet

How it Performs Flotex has an impermeable backing which means you just need water and standard cleaning materials for an effective clean. Push forward at regular speed and pull back at half speed to allow the carpet to fluff and the vacuum to pick up dirt and debri.

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Add only 30ml of Flotex Clean-It per 5 litres of water 1601 3.

How to clean flotex carpet. Spot clean if necessary. This gives the brush time to sweep out any fluff etc that may have been pushed between the fibres. Twisted fibers of a conventional carpet pile that traps soil particles Flotex has a 100 66 nylon type wear layer comprised of smooth straight fibers that allow for easy soil release of soil making the care of Flotex easy.

You can also steam clean Flotex when hygiene standards demand it. How to clean Flotex carpets In this course you will learn how to clean Flotex carpets with suds test and Duplex floorscrubber to deep clean the affected area Search courses. Scrub Pour a liberal amount of hot water onto the area.

Using flotex cleaner of course. Always clean Flotex on the wet side and allow good airflow at the carpet wand interface whilst flushing. Cleaning Carpet with a Duplex Floor Scrubber is simple.

Spills should be handled by using the scrape-scrub-rinse method. Lower Operating Costs All Rotowash Carpet and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Machines use up to 90 less water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Add a small amount of detergent approximately 1 teaspoon of detergent to 5 litres of water.

This cleaning equipment includes the Duplex 280 Duplex 340 or Duplex 420 floor scrubber. Most spills can be cleaned with clean water. Use Flotex Clean-It for general cleaning of your floor 1.

Wet Cleaning Because Flotex is waterproof you can do wet cleaning. To remove chewing gum sweets plasticine modelling clay simply freeze with a suitable freezing agent and break off brittle pieces. For this reason cleaning and maintaining Flotex carpets requires a right equipment to use.

With a vacuum remove any loose dirt or dust preferably with a motorised brush 2. For basic everyday cleaning a vacuum cleaner such as Duplex 280 or Duplex 420 is recommended. I also use a Hako Wizzard which is a counter rotating brush machine to scrub and extract the Flotex previously I have used my RX20 to agitate and extract.

Flotex cleaning isnt a normal cleaning method it takes a trained professional to take care of your flotex carpet. Wash Flotex with diluted Flotex Clean-It using a rotary or 3-in-1 cylindrical carpet scrubber 4. – Hot water extraction machine – 3 in 1 machine – Cylindrical counter rotating brush machine Rinse floors thoroughly with clean water and allow the floor to dry before use.

Simple cleaning maintenance Flotex can be cleaned by using water and a simple detergent. After use Flotex can be recycled back into the production process. How it performs Flotex is 100 waterproof which means you just need water and standard cleaning materials for an effective clean.

Fill Tank with Water and switch machine on Squeeze the trigger dispensing liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes Glide the Duplex Floor Scrubber over the carpet for instant Scrub Wash and Dry of your carpet. Remove using extraction equipment. Taking Care of your Flotex Cleaning When vacuuming set the brush adjustment to the lowest setting push forward at normal speed and pull back at half speed.

For most staining simple household soap is enough to clean the product while other detergent clean away ink oil and more severe stains. You can also steam clean Flotex. Wet Cleaning Flotex benefits from the occasional wet clean.

Rarely have I needed to use extra detergent. After a while your Flotex carpet may require deep cleaning. Dont overuse chemicals as incorreect.

When cleaning Flotex my pre-spray consists merely of water and a water softener that will break down any remaining detergent. Happy with your flooring for many years to come. The intermediate fiberglass layer provides dimensional stability.

You can also steam clean Flotex when hygiene standards demand it. As with any carpet tile Flotex will benefit from the periodic use of the following mechanical carpet cleaning methods. Your Flotex floor will maintain its good looks provided some simple cleaning procedures are followed.

Use a suitable carpet shampoo or detergent. You can use detergents and water but make sure its safe for use on Flotex before using any chemicals. HelloFlotex carpet is best cleaned on a regular basis by using an upright vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush set to the lowest level possible.

Solution and agitation suck it up is all it takes to get great results.

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