How To Clean A Bore Mop

Soak the Bore Snake in Soapy Water Fill a bucket sink or any container with warm water and add few spoons of laundry detergent to make it soapy. Britbore come in boxes of 30 mops and are available in sizes of 12 16 20 and 28 gauge.

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Britbore Mops are a simple quick and effective solution for cleaning your shotgun barrels after a days shooting.

How to clean a bore mop. P5 Guy Oct 7 2008 8. CC Bore Mops for Cleaning Rods Dozen Pack 1700. Use one mop to wet the bore before brushing.

2 As the final clean out putting oil into the bore. I use the mop mainly to slosh in my copper solvent KG-12. Then put a bronze bore brush on a cleaning rod chuck the rod into a drill and run that up and down the bore a few times.

Seems to do the job for me. Use the wet cotton mop again to remove loosened crud after brushing and use a different dry mop to soak up excess solvent before oiling the gun and putting away. What works for me after every other stage or so is to gently use cyclone style coil scour brush in the chamber and forcing cone then push a 5 or 6 square of soft rag lubricated with Hoppes 9 through from the chamber end tight fit using a bronze 12 GA jag.

Do not haul back the patch because it will leave the entire gunk inside that it has cleaned off just now as a redeposit. If your snake is extremely dirty or oily keep it. Cleaning Mops and Wads.

You can put your Bore-Snake in an old sock and do the same. But the REAL use of a bore mop is with a percussion or flintlock firearm which should be cleaned with boiling hot pure water. Start with a new barrel and never use a brush and the bore will get more and more polished and will have a longer more.

And the reason you need to clean your bore as it now has teeth to hold fouling. Bore mops are made from either cotton or wool to provide high absorbing ability allowing you to clean and lubricate your guns bore quickly and easily. When you inspect the bore this time it should be fairly bright.

Bore Mop 22 Cal quantity. 6 Jul 24 2011. It works fine I do it all the time.

Place your snake in the water for over 20 minutes. Original German Military Case of 1000 Barrel Cleaning Wicks NSN. Obviously the same mop cant be used for both purposes.

When cleaning a bolt action rifle use the Tetra Gun ProSmith Universal Bore Guide to help guide the cleaning rod and attachment straight down the bore whether using a brush mop or jag. A bore mop is a thick cotton mop the same diameter as the gun bore. Precision made in the UK from wool felt they are disposable and biodegradable.

Bore Mops For Gun Cleaning. Manufactured from the highest quality materials making these bore mops long lasting and effective. Original German Military Case of 1000 Barrel Clea.

Tetra Gun Bore Mop for Cleaning Rods. They work great because they hold A LOT of gun cleaner. 1 To deliver a lot of solvent into the bore.

Now you can attach a bore mop to your gun cleaning rod. Standard 8-32 thread Standard Shotgun 516-27 thread on 20g12g Available for most gauges and rifle calibers. This avoids dipping a dirty brush into the bore cleaner and contaminating it.

Clean the barrel thoroughly push through the bore a solvent-soaked patch to the other end and after 30 minutes and remove the patch. By doing so you will prevent the rod from bowing which will protect the bore from unnecessary abrasion and scratches which can cause damage and affect shooting performance over time. Put a drop or two of gun oil like Rem Oil or Hoppes oil in the chamber of.

You apply gun cleaner to the mop and then push it back and forth through the bore to really soak it. 100 cotton cleaning swabs are softwashable and effective in getting your bore clean. They can saturate the bore easily.

Spray some WD-40 on a bore mop or wadded piece of paper towel run it down the bore and let that film soak about five minutes. Most shooters find cleaning their gun a chore. You arrange the water and the bbl and the bore mop functions as a piston in the cylinder of the bore to draw the hot water into the touchflash hole and up the bore.

How do you clean a bore mop I just rinse in a bottle of rubbing alcohol like I do the bore brushes and let dry. Toss them in the washing machine with a load of cleaning rags. You can use a bore mop in one of two ways.

I rinse bore brushes and bore mops in mineral spirirs. COTTON bore mops are used for a quick field cleaning without using patches. Jan 3 2003.

Bore Mop 22 Cal 245. You cant really do this with a patch. 6Attach a bore mop put a drop or two of oil in the chamber and run the mop through to the muzzle.

Remove the patch insert a fresh patch and repeat the process till the patches come out clean. The Bore Snake is the much better option by my logic because you pull everything that was in the chamber and out through the muzzle.

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