How To Check A Pontoon Boat For Leaks

When first noticed I took it to the dealer. Well help you find or build the Cobalt Boat of your dreams call us today to get started.

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A little is natural just from condensation maybe a few cups at the end of the season.

How to check a pontoon boat for leaks. A problem with these mechanical shifters could be a broken or stuck linkage. Finding pontoon leaks by. Cheap fix for pontoon leaks by.

Simply pressurize each chamber to 2 or 3 psi and see if the needle moves down. Most boats have mechanical cable shifts. Mark all the leaks and fins a welder to repair them.

Check for leaks dents or corrosion where water could have leaked in. Check the temperature when you are filling it cause if the temp goes up during the day your pressure will increase unless you have a leak. One of the people who designed it specified to compartmentalize the pontoon into several sections.

Youll have to findmake an adapter to go from your drain plug threaded fitting to a schrader valve so that you can fill the pontoons with compressed air. Walter Knapp I think the easiest thing to do to find the leak would be to first put about 3-4 pounds of air pressure in the pontoon. Im considering drilling a small hole in the lowest rear point of the pontoon and applying air pressure to see if I push out any water.

Pressurizing the logs on a pontoon boat does not in any way affect the buoyancy of the boat. Get a spray bottle and use waterdish soap put 3-4psi in the tube and spray away. If you find that you cannot shift your boat out of idle speed then your shifter might not be engaging your transmission.

Apply a coat of epoxy sealer over the area with a brush andor roller and wait for it to dry before proceeding. Anonymous I had the same problem as you. Well help you find or build the Cobalt Boat of your dreams call us today to get started.

Use the magnet on the outside to catch the metal right thru the skin of the pontoon and move it towards the closest weld to the hole the hose. One of my toons has got a pretty good amount of water in it Im guessing 2-3 gals but I dont think I have any leaks because when I took the plug out of the top there was pressure that released. Unfortunately the welding created leaks which are at the top of the pontoons.

The rear port side pontoon is suspect of a leak and taking on water. While driving check the gauges and make sure they are stable and not bouncing. For areas with pinholes mix putty with prepared epoxy sealer to a rollable consistency and then roll andor brush it to cover the area.

Listen for sloshing water inside the boat. Seems the weld is more brittle than the aluminum its fixing. Ask the owner how many hours the engine has on it and request to take the pontoon boat out for a test drive.

Stop and restart the boat to make sure it performs as expected. On the bottom of the toons but there are 3 plugs along the top of each pontoon is this where in need to add air to check for leaks astull Oct 11 2011 14. Sand it to roughen the surface slightly.

One thing about welding is that it works most of the time. How to fix a leaking pontoon boat -Warning Graphic Images. Ad Hall of Fame boat dealer with a full line of Cobalt Boats offering salesservice storage.

Look closely at the inside back of the rear bracket this is a stress point and where alot of leaks are look above the water line too water splashes everrywhere underway and can get in leaks on top of the tube. Ad Hall of Fame boat dealer with a full line of Cobalt Boats offering salesservice storage. After counting all of the pin holes and cracks I needed a cheap semi-permanent solution.

But 3 times Ive taken my pontoon boat and gotten it welded and all three times the weld cracked during the winter months. Lol I am pretty sure I like my job way to much to backdoor you a tube for free we used to sell tubes to certain people and then stopped so I am not certain what our current policy is but I can check it. While out pay good attention to how the engine sounds and feels when running the boat.

Where is the best place to drill the hole and are the pontoons sectioned off on the inside this is my first pontoon boat dont know much about them astull Oct 10 2011. They inspected it visually but did not have the ability to do a pressure test in house. The first thing you will want to look at is the great box to make sure the cable hasnt become detached.

Hi I have a 1995 Fisher pontoon w hollow logs. To check for leaks. A call to Bennington when the problem was first noticed wasnt very informative.

To know if your pontoon boat has pressurized pontoon tubes simply visit the manufacturers website or call a local authorized dealer. Wait for the putty and epoxy to dry. Be aware of how long the boat has sat outside of water.

Been fighting leaky pontoons for awhile now. Another quick way to check for problems and one that is very reliable is a simple leak down test with a low pressure test gauge. To check if your pontoon boat has water in it do the following.

They suggested I monitor it to see if it got worse and it has. Im learning finally though. I bought a gallon of roof repair from home depot that dries hard but flexible – cost 1398 Bought a roll of 12 x 10 Aluminum Flashing – cost 2397 Pop-Rivet Gun – 2298.

If you cant hear a leak right off use a solution of dishwashing soap and water and apply to the pontoon with a brush. In most cases pontoon tubes are only filled with air to check them for leaks. If you are concerned that it could be something more than condensation you can pressure test them.

I was working on a pontoon barge with small crane on it used to lift aerators out of an effluent tank. Feed the hose with the metal piece into the opening after you remove the plug until you hear the metal piece hit bottom. Luckily these sections are never submerged and do not take on much water.

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