How To Build A Piano Shell

We change gears a bit on this video to show you how we constructed our custom piano shells. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs.

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We went for four octaves.

How to build a piano shell. 11 1 Rip Out All Of The Strings. Build the frame first. I had been on the lookout for a piano that was out of tune or was in relatively bad condition internally because in order to gut the piano.

The depth of the piano is more flexible. We make 3 12 45 and 6 baby grands and 4248 and 54 upright piano shells. 12 2 Sand Down The Piano.

How we made a piano shell from scratch for our electric keyboard. How to Build Your Own Piano Shell. 2 3 Figure Out The Height You Want.

Our normal production time is 3 weeks from contract to ship out but can be expedited extra charge is based on when it is needed 3Will my digital keyboard fit in your shell. We can also customize a more narrow width for your specific keyboard if needed.

Built custom upright shell for electric piano Piano Forum Piano decor Electric piano Piano crafts. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Use bendyply for the curved panel and glue fasten the curved panel to the outside of the ribs and frames.

Measure the dimensions of your keyboard. Ie- 28 white keys each 7 wide. Top and bottom pieces cut with a jigsaw from a piece of ply and put studs around the inside.

This is a mock upright piano shell for a stand up keyboardist. Grab The Saw Matt has a work shop where he tunes and stores his pans along with holds rehearsals. This is a mock upright piano shell for a stand up keyboardist.

Jan 14 2015 – Built custom upright shell for electric piano. How we made a piano shell from scratch for our electric keyboard – YouTube. All of our piano shells are 13 inches deep.

How to Build Your Own Piano Shell. You only want an inch or so of space on all sides of your keyboard when its in the case. My piano shell project used a spinet piano smaller than my upright and definitely not a grand.

We wanted our piano to approximate the proportions of a real piano and thats about a 71 depth to width ratio for white keys. This was a fun build and they came out great. Jan 14 2015 – Built custom upright shell for electric piano.

Once someone desires to undertake this type of project theres no right or wrong way to select a piano to transform into a shell per se its more about the style of the piano that you like. We can custom-make your keyboard tray to a maximum of 575 inches width and this will be wide enough for any standard 88-key keyboard. Last week I finished building a custom upright piano shell to house a Nord Stage 88 keyboard.

3 How Much Does A Piano Shell Weigh. This process can make piano repair significantly easier seeing as a technician would not need to transport an entire piano. White Grand Piano Shell Build – For Hire – YouTube.

4 Ease Of Use. Jan 14 2015 – Built custom upright shell for electric piano. 2 How long does it take to get a piano shell built.

In a grand piano remove the action the put the keyboard in its placethe action just slides out in the direction of the player In an upright piano you will need to remove both the action and the keyboard since they are installed separately. I wired a sustain pedal input an audio output and power down at the bottom under the keyboard running through the inside up to right behind the keyboard to keep from having visible cables hanging all over the place. If you ultimately decide that building your own case is the correct course of action its important to fully design your case before beginning the construction process.

5 Other Bands Who Use Piano Shells. We added 6 end caps to the piano So the overall length was 28 x 7 12 208. Each piano shell is hand made and can be tailor made to suit your needs if your a small person you might the whole piano lowered or if your tall you might want it lifted some people wish to have it higher so they can stand up and play it maybe you keyboard is extra big or a small portable 61 not keyboard then we can build it to your requirements.

1 How To Build A Piano Shell For Your Keyboards In 3 Steps. DIY Upright Piano Cabinet For A Keyboard Build – YouTube.

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