How To Build A Hyper Dimensional Resonator

This gives the guitar a characteristically bright and metallic sound with significantly more projection that youd get from a sound hole. It was a couple of pages stapled together with all-caps font providing instructions on how to operate the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

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Then the user must rub the rubbing plate while concentrating on the time and place he or she would like to travel.

How to build a hyper dimensional resonator. By changing the frequency of the scalar waves that we generate we can determine where and when we land. A copper wire with a bifilar winding that has the opposing magnetic fields cancel each other. Scalar waves appear to enhance etheric energy that is used by psychics.

Learn the history of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR. There I said the word now. I am doing a lot of time travel experiments and gaining new experiences.

But I have been so interested in these HDR things since. Its simple really. The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a device invented by Steven L.

Moreover it is denoted and has Schläfli symbol. They are NOT built to the same specifications as the machine he invented. He basically improved on an earlier device called the Sonic Resonator which he built in 1981.

HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator was created by inventor Steven Gibbs many years ago. The hand drawn schematic in the post above me seems really simple to make and someone like me should be able to make. Here is a partial parts list of parts to create an HDR.

Now curl the wire into a spiral. They resonate along a multidimensional axis thus we have a hyper dimensional resonator. I am fairly sure you do not have time coils.

In order to build a hyperdrive you first need to find a Dynamic Resonator and a few common isotopes. Inside Steven Gibbs HDR – Hyper Dimensional Resonator Main components of Tensor Coil AKA Caduceus Coil A copper wire with a bifilar winding that has the opposing magnetic fields cancel each other. Components used in the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

The cone is mounted in a sound well which adds to the resonance by transferring the vibrations. It is a neat device for me. With the Hyper Dimensional Resonator you can travel into the past or explore the future.

It was first created in 1985 by me Steven Gibbs when I was living on a dairy farm in. However it is still popular even now. If radio shack does not carry em any more.

Here is how you make em. The world will be at your beck and call and you will have all the time in the world to explore it. These HDR clones are not the same.

I didnt even need it because of all the reading I had done on the HDR over the years. Speaking of quartz crystals oscillators Steven Gibbs used to make. Still few are willing to talk much about their Hyper Dimensional Resonator and.

So sorry for writing in an old conversation I understand thats bad to do. History of the HDR – Hyper Dimensional Resonator In the spring of 1985 an inventor got a call to build an exciting device that was new. Take a enamel copper wire and nick the middle then twist the wire into a double helix.

Assemble the hyperdrive in your ships inventory to find. Take a enamel copper wire and nick the middle then twist the wire into a double helix. This word HDR means Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Radio Shack no longer sells the individual five packs of 15K resistors but Steven Gibbs used to use 10K resistors in the Hyper Dimensional Resonator in the early days. Make your way to the closest space station and head to the merchant or traders to find one that is selling a Dynamic Resonator. Lately some people have taken to making copies of Steven Gibbs HDR.

As you will see on the following pages I sell an instrument which can be used for both out of the body time travel and can also be used to help heal the sick. A resonator guitar has a metal cone where a typical acoustic has a sound hole. Wanted to get a Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

This will generate scalar waves when there is a current. I opened one and saw it was different inside. The frequency is altered using the two knobs.

The user must first place a quartz crystal into the witness well which augments the frequency of the HDR thus allowing time travel to occur. It may also interest the reader to know that the number of k-cubes contained in an n-cube can be easily found from the coefficients of namely where is a binomial coefficient. This is just one piece.

Get a guitar cord. This booklet contains lots of technical information about that experiment. Also learn how to build the Sonic Resonator for inducing astral projections.

There are now many HDRusers. It is a simplified version of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Also I currently use double terminated quart crystals with my HDR and I want to add quartz crystals oscillators.

However it can be much more. Build a Hyperdrive. Hyper Dimensional Resonator theory is based in part on the idea of the quarter wave antenna in that a small device can do the work of a larger one based on the convcept of resonance.

OK so clip the ends and put on some banana plugs. Also explains how to locate grid points areas of intense energy concentration around earths surface. Well then order on amazon.

Hyper Dimensional Resonator Copy. One problem is transmission line noise so I often use a small portable power generator to create my electricity. Well earlier when I found out about them.

I havent figured that one out. The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a small box with dials ports for the time coil and electromagnet and three small switches. And finally the time travel instruction manual.

Mostly use it for astral voyages. These Hyper Dimensional Resonator Replicas use different components than Steven Gibbs HDR. Lift off and head back into space.

At that time Steven Gibbs was living on a farm in Nebraska. To program it for time travel dial in the day month and year desired although there are only two dials and they both go to 10. HDR is composed of many parts most of them from Radio Shack.

Simply stated a Hypercube is an n-dimensional regular polytope with mutually perpendicular sides.

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