How To Add Stats In Zhypermu

MU video guide on using MU HelperMu Onlines official website. Manange your account and characters.

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Double Damage Chance 22.

How to add stats in zhypermu. U can use normal fruits up to 127 stats but after that all u can do is get those friuits for coins. MU Legend offers an authentic alternative to the dungeon crawler gaming experience. A game with its own.

PK clear pkclear – Request a player to party with you. Login to your account at the Website. Increases Strength Level requirement 5 per Tier Level.

Energy Stat Option 70. PK-Type Knight Stats. Increase Critical Damage 80.

ZhyperMU is a high-stat private server meaning you can add stats up to some point not exceeding the maximum stat allowed. If you really want to reset stats. Ambition Armor MU Online Fanz The leading MU Online fan site game guide.

Addstr addene addvit addagi addcom After adding. Just type this following. Left Click the icon to assign one Stat Point to the Stat Hold Middle Click to quickly add a mass amount of Stat Points.

10 Million Zen Viewing Items Command. Swords Sword Of Destruction Knight Blade Dark Breaker etc Spears Dragon Spear. The mouse cursor needs to be inside the MU client window for the.

Errtel are special artifacts that can be combined with pentagrams to add additional options Required Ingredients. Because website is still under construction we have decided to turn on Add Stat in Game Command Commands are. 1x MithrilAny Element Type 1x Jewel of Bless.

Increase Excellent Damage 80. Addstr x addagi x addvit x addene x addcom x. Type F8 ingame with your desired skill and your character will automatically attack in the spot of monsters you are in.

How to Add Stats Points in the Website. This command only shows Non-Excellent Item Stats but. Use Mana Potion press ctrl point to the mana potion E.

Use Antidote press ctrl point to the antidote potion D. How to add Status Points. Zhyper Network invites you to a new journey of Mu Continent.

Increase Skill Damage 30. Manange your account and characters. The Command Window you can almost find.

On the left side of the page you have a menu click on Character Options. You may add if how many. And this maximum stat cannot be.

This guide is all about setting up your character to automatically use skill so you can left the keyboard and go for a walk or dinner for example. Remove all ads for just. 2 Set Effect.

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