How To Add C Line Cccam Config

See the file CCcamcfg right click on it and edit. Now From The Top left of your Text Editor Notepad or TextEdit Click File.

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At the bottom there is a section called Save As Type change it to.

How to add c line cccam config. Usual format of CCcam lines is C. Connect for you to connect to others. The installation will take some seconds please wait.

If you are going to put your c-line in Cccamcfg open varetc on filezilla and replace the one Cccamconfig file that is there 8. Copy of the CCCam subscription. Username to connect to that server 4.

Hit menuvixmanage local extensions and just install Cccam213 10 Hit menvixsoftcamci and start Cccam 213 and the tick enable on start up and save. Look for a linelines that look like below. How to add a cline for CCcam in an Openbox X5 Update your Skybox or Openbox with the lastest channels Set edit fullversion a professional tool for editcreate a.

Mipsel arm_v7 aarch64 sh4 etc. If you have your C-lines click here to see how you can create the CCcamcfg file yourself. Then open DCC Dreambox Control CenterEXE.

Put your CCcam lines in it. Ipdyndns_server port user password yes The yes on the end says you want to use your rights for emu keys To connect to a newcamd server you have to add A N line. Press BLUE Button to launch Pannel.

Please wait while installing CCCAM softcam. Choose the latest CCCAM version CCCAM 230 or another version. For those who didnt create a cccamcfg on their usb you can add it manually.

Now from the top left side of your text document click File Save As. Create A Plain Text Document. A instead of update by usb on ccccam client setup go directly to Manage Config Files and select CCcamcfg from new window b Press Blue button on remote c your cline will look something like this C.

Which port that server is using 3. To make the fline using your ftp programme connect to your box and go to Varetc for enigma1 image or etc for enigma2 image you will then see a file named cccamcfg right click on this and choose edit. Server port user pass.

Information about the CPU architecture can also be obtained via Shell command line. How To config CCcam And Add User In Oscam – YouTube. 19216812 12000 user2 pass2 connects to CCcam without use of friends emus.

NOW CLICK EXIT FROM YOUR REMOTE CONTROL AND SELECT DOWNLOAD CAM CONFIG NOW SELECT CCcam 204 CONFIG FILES. Server port user pass. Put your Cccam Lines Ports UserName And Passwords exactly like shown below.

Make sure your Lines have the correct format according to your box. Ipdyndns port user password deskey hops_away To connect to a radegast server you need to add a R line. AFTER SUCCESSFUL DOWNLOAD YOU WILL BE PROMOTED TO INTALL THE CONFIG FILESELECT YES TO INSTALL.

-d etcdpkg dpkg –print-architecture opkg print-architecture– 2 –. To connect to a CCcam server you have to add a C line. How To config CCcam And Add User In Oscam.

Server port user pass. If someone gives you an N-line like this N. Usual format of CCcam lines is C.

Next press GREEN Button to Start Installation. FTP etc tuxbox config in config you will see many files but you only need 2 of them. The Normal Format For Showing Lines C.

You can obtain the CCcamcfg file from your service provider. SELECT YES TO INSTALL THE CCcam 204 ON YOUR BOX. Choose YES to confirm installation.

Someserversomedomain 12000 user1 pass1 C. Now from the top left side of your text document click File Save As. Edit cccamdlist and paste in a C-line as normal eg.

Press GREEN BUTTON to download plugins. Copy subscription files from your PC to the etc path of your receiver. After installation press Exit.

Testexampleno-ipbiz 12000 user2 pass2 no 002 for getting reshare line C. Step One. Instructions where to look for a server 2.

Select Install extensions. In a C line we can have. So now you are ready to insert servers in CCcam.

1- Installing the CCCAM. Press OK to select IPK. If you already have a CCcamcfg file in that location simply right click the file and click edit to put your C-lines in it and save the file.

After installation press EXIT. Testexampleno-ipbiz 12555 User1 pass1 for getting normal line C. If all goes well go to FTP commander.

If you already have installed OScam from Now in my Plugin downloadssoftcams then you just need to add your c-linemg line into your oscam directory. Then from the top of it in File Name write CCcamcfg and save it. Download Cccam213 and place this in the tmp folder using filezilla 9.

Make sure this computer dreambox and router are connected. The C line will enable you to connect to the server This is the information you need to set up a basic C line all the information is given to you by your friend and will come in. Edit newcamdlist You may see something like.

If not configuresearch the right ip address then reconnect. This is the line you getting from a server C. Copy of the CCCam subscription Launch WINSCP in the home window.

Here is a manual way to install softcam Oscam– 1 –First find out what chipset CPU architecture is in your set-top box. CWS_KEEPALIVE 300 CWS_INCOMING_PORT 21000 leave that alone. At the bottom there is a section called Save As Type change it to All Files.

This is how you do it. You need to set up a line in the CCcamcfg we just opened. Make sure your Lines have the correct format according to your box.

Select softcams and press OK. First create a simple text document.

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