Four Unique Treats to Give Out on Halloween

If you’d like some variety, something a little different, for your Halloween treating this year, consider these ideas:

  1. McDonald’s coupons. What child doesn’t like McDonald’s…enough said.
  2. One older couple in our neighborhood gave out an unusual treat. They decorated their livingroom spookily and took a polaroid snapshot of each child posed in front of the decorations. The picture was the treat. Would you be surprised to learn the kids lined up down the sidewalk? It became so popular we neighbor parents contributed monetarily to their film packs. Note: this couple took great care to ensure children’s safety and also to protect their own reputations. Their livingroom was located immediately off a large foyer. They kept their front door wide open. Their triple front window curtains were left open with bright lighting so nothing could be construed as improper. Finally, since a polaroid camera was used, no pictures were retained.
  3. Treats from Oriental Trading Company. Instead of sugar decay, how about inexpensive toys instead? Yo-yo’s, little dolls, funny eraser heads, the catalog and online store has lots of variety to select.
  4. Perhaps in conjunction with an Oriental Trading Company purchase, set up a “duckie pond” similar to a county fair booth. Decide on groups of inexpensive prizes and number them – group 1, group 2, and so on. Get several little plastic duckies. With a permanent marker, write numbers on the bottom of the duckies to correspond with your prize groups. Have several numbers of the most inexpensive group, and only 1 or 2 special prizes of more value. Fill some type of large container with water and set the duckies afloat. If you’re handy with dry ice, this would be a perfect touch for a Halloween duckie pond.

It can be just as fun to stay home and treat the little ones arriving at your door. By the way, will you greet them with treats…in a costume yourself?

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