Ddlg How To Make Daddy Happy

Always let the HoH know where you are and who you are with. This quiz is only for those who is into DDLG if you are not please skip the quiz.

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Its me and my daddy hanging out I got pretty hungry so I started to pout He asked if I was down for something yummy.

Ddlg how to make daddy happy. Like tons of them. Littles are supposed to explore what makes them happy first while having caregiver will be taken by the thing that makes the little happy and themselves. Having my hair brushedwashedplayed with.

Ask your little to sit on your lap from time to time. Daddy has final say on any and all decisions. Also asking things like Are you sure you dont need Daddys help putting that straw in the juice box or Maybe I should do that its a big job too big for you It keeps the little all happy and loved.

Every dad can get angry or stressed sometimes but try to avoid arguing with him which would only make things worse. I MUST FOLLOW THEM TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. Even if Im just texting it to hims lol When were homes I likes to get him his drinks.

This quiz is for Littles to help them to realise who they are for their Daddy. What is your favourite colour. It helps us feel as though we are seen as vulnerable and projected.

All colours are good. There exists no good little as each Little is different and the relationship doctrines dictate that every individual in the connection should make their own rules for happiness. The latest tweets from ddlg_lifestyle.

The whole point is. You should also try not to fight with your brothers or sisters if you have any even if they get on your nerves. The Cummies Song Lyrics.

If its your first Daddy or your first Little or mutually first. I likes to remind Mister Master hows much I loves him and how amazing he is. Loosing your DDLG virginity i like to call it Heheh you need to make sure the person is comfortable with doing this because although you may have the most amazing Daddy to be or Little to be they may get a bit frightened when they get Littles throwing their colouring books and.

DADDY HAS RULES SET IN PLACE FOR BABY-GIRL TO FOLLOW TO MAKE SURE SHE STAY SAFE AND HAPPY. I says it so much all the times throughout the day. Have permission before leaving the house.

So Ive noticed a lot of threads mentioning problems getting into little space so I decided to make a sticky for a list of things that make you feel little. To make your dad happy watch TV with him or ask him about his favorite memories so you can get to know him better. Gives him lots of kisses forehead kisses cheek kisses ect.

Answer your phone whenever the HoH contacts you. I am at your service darling so let me take care of you while theyre away Im here to make you feel safe and to protect you whilst remembering our past.

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