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To lessen the error introduced by the Sun Tide Clocks should initially be set at a full or new moon and ideally when high water is around noon or midnight then the effects of the Moon and Sun are synchronised. If the tables say high tide is at 1205pm today you install the AA battery at 1205pm today.

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UK tide times and worldwide tidal times are available online we recommend some links below.

Ashortwalk tide clock how to set. You can find this information by visiting here and choosing the nearest spot by picking one of the yellow dots close to your specific locationYou can then get the time of high or low water for the next seven days. – At exactly high tide set the clock in its highest tide position hand pointing straight up. Put the clock hand as indicated above and insert the battery.

This lovely wall-hanging instrument tracks both the tide and lunar cycles ideal for predicting tide times and all important tidal heights. Ashortwalk Recycled Moon Tide Time Clock 4694 USD. Perfect for planning your next adventure or gifting to someone special this moon phase and tide clock tracks both the tide and the lunar cycle.

Stylish and Modern Clock. View full product details. If our tables call for low tide at 210pm install the battery at 210pm.

For convenience weve listed the full moon dates Time specified in Central European Time CET or Summer Time CEST. How to set your CircularCo. Perfect gift for any surfer fisherman or simply anybody with a passion for the.

Ideal for predicting tide times and all-important harbour tide heights this moon and tide clock is both functional and stylish. Ashortwalk Recycled Moon Tide Time Clock. All Circular tide clock products are most accurate if you set or reset them on a day of a full moon.

The first thing that you need to know if you want to set a tide clockis what time the high or low tide at your chosen spot is. It is normal for the tide hand to have some play to it. As the moon determines the size of the tides this clock will also help you predict how big its likely to be.

To minimise this variation insert the AA battery into the clock on the day of a full moon at exactly the time of the high tide according to local tide tables and with the hand on the clock pointing to HIGH TIDE. Depending on the model of your Chelsea you may need to either unscrew the front bezel and remove the dial unit or open the hinged bezel to access the movement Turn the black knob on the back of the movement to adjust the hand to reflect local tide conditions. From sailing to sandcastles we all need to know what the tide is doing.

Simply set the tide movement to align with your local beaches high tide times. You have your Circular tide clock and are wondering how to set your clock. The quartz driven hand will rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes giving you the state of the tide at a glance.

One AA battery will last up to 2 years. The clock is designed to be wall mounted and operated by batteries not included. The sun also affects the tides but has less than half the influence of the moon.

Dimensions 200 x 200 x 35mm. Set your tide clock. The clock uses the Lunar cycle but unfortunately the Sun also has an effect.

Tide fluctuations high and low tide vary from one given place to another. TIDE 3 At the appropriate time set the tide hand to high or low tide using the adjustment knob. Date and time of the next high tide linked to a new moon The clock beside will give you the exact position that your clock hand has to have today.

To set your Chelsea tide clock follow these simple steps. Phases of the moon are depicted. – Insert AA battery x 1.

You can use the links below to establish tide times in your area. You will just need to position the hand on the same location by using the thumbwheel situated at the back of the clock and inserting the AA battery. This allows for proper rotation of the hand.

Simply set the tide hand to full tide at exactly high tide. Silent Quartz movement uses 1 X AA battery – not included. Requires 2 x AA batteries not included Designed to.

Input those information in the fields below. You can adjust the hand by turning a small wheel at the back of the movement. Synchronised to the moons daily cycle this unique clock provides an innovative and convenient guide to the tides.

Oh and dont forget to put batteries in. Simply set the hand to the full tide position at exactly high tide for your chosen location. Rotate the tide adjustment wheel on the back of the clock to move the hand pointing to high or low tide at the time indicated on your weekly setting tables.

The clock is made from recycled paper packaging giving it a compact robust slate-like look and feel. Ideal for predicting tide times and all-important harbour tide heights this moon and tide clock is. Here you go it has only taken you 5 minutes to make the clock function with optimum setting.

The tide clock associated with the module will show you the current position of your clocks hand.

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