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10 Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Police scanners have become an essential tool in many people’s daily lives as they provide up-to-date information about events and emergencies that are occurring in the local area. Whether you are a journalist, a concerned citizen, or just someone who is curious, having easy access to police scanner information can be extremely helpful.

Police scanners have been around for decades, allowing people to stay up-to-date on the latest news in their area. With the rise of smartphones, technology has given us access to police scanners in a new and convenient way: police scanner apps. These apps offer an easy way to monitor what is going on at any given moment.

Police scanners are invaluable tools for staying up to date on the latest news, events, and emergency situations. With technology rapidly progressing, it’s no surprise that these devices have been adapted to mobile phone applications. For anyone looking to stay connected in their surrounding area, a police scanner app is the perfect solution.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the best police scanner apps available today, complete with pros and cons for each one.

Benefits of Using a Police Scanner App

There are several benefits to using a police scanner app that make it an attractive alternative to traditional radio scanners or listening to news broadcasts on television and radio.

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1. Stay Informed on Local Law Enforcement Activity

Having access to up-to-date information on local law enforcement activity is a great way to stay informed and safe. With the help of a police scanner app, people can now keep track of what is happening in their community right from their smartphone.

A police scanner app provides access to real-time audio feeds that broadcast conversations between dispatchers and officers in the field. It allows users to monitor situations as they unfold in their area while staying connected with what is going on around them.

This can be especially helpful for those living in urban areas who may otherwise miss out on newsworthy events due to limited coverage provided by traditional media outlets.

By using a police scanner app, users are able to stay informed about any safety alerts or crime incidents occurring near them so they can take extra precautions if needed.

2. Quickly Access Police Scanner Channels

Using a police scanner app is an easy and convenient way to quickly access police scanner channels. A police scanner app allows users to listen in on live conversations between police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders. With the rise of smartphones, these apps make it easier than ever before to stay informed about what’s happening directly in your community.

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By using a police scanner app, you can gain access to real-time information right at your fingertips. Whether it be notifications of traffic accidents or criminal activity occurring nearby, having this knowledge can help keep you safe while out and about. You no longer have to wait for news reports or word-of-mouth in order to find out what’s going on around you.

Most apps allow users to customize their settings, so they are only alerted when something relevant occurs within their area of interest.

3. Get Real-Time Updates on Emergencies

Are you interested in staying up to date on local emergencies? If so, using a police scanner app is the perfect way to stay informed. Police scanner apps provide users with real-time updates about incidents happening nearby.

With access to this information, users can make more informed decisions about their safety and security. This allows them to stay one step ahead of potential dangers and increases their peace of mind.

Police scanner apps are easy to use and rely on public frequencies that broadcast police activities from all over the country. The information provided by these apps gives users an inside look at what’s happening in their city or county, allowing them to get updates on accidents, crimes, natural disasters, and other emergency situations as they unfold.

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4. Monitor Multiple Locations Simultaneously

A police scanner app can be an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to monitor multiple locations at the same time. With a police scanner app, users can quickly and easily stay up-to-date with what’s happening in various places around the world from their smartphone.

Not only does this make it easier to access information from multiple sources, but it also allows them to listen to live broadcasts of happenings in real-time.

One of the key benefits of a police scanner app is that it allows users to monitor multiple locations simultaneously, without having to switch between different devices or programs. This means that they can keep track of news and events in several locations without missing out on anything important.

Users are able to customize their scanner settings so they receive notifications when certain keywords are used or specific areas get mentioned on air.

5. Receive Alerts for Targeted Areas

Using a police scanner app can be an excellent way to stay informed about what’s happening in your local area. It allows you to receive real-time updates on crime and emergency situations, as well as alerts for targeted areas. With the right app, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and safety alerts without having to purchase a physical scanner.

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One of the main benefits of using a police scanner app is that it allows you to receive alerts for targeted areas. You can enter the locations you want to monitor, such as your home address or workplace, and then get notified when there is activity in those areas.

This means that you’ll always know when something important is happening nearby and can take steps to ensure your safety if necessary.

6. Track Specific Incidents of Interest

Police scanner apps offer a convenient way for users to track specific incidents of interest within their local area. With the increasing availability of such technologies, anyone with an internet-enabled device can quickly access real-time news and information about crime, emergencies, traffic conditions and more.

The ability to monitor police activity in one’s neighbourhood or community can be incredibly valuable in many ways. Using police scanner apps gives people a sense of security as they are able to stay informed on what is happening around them. It also provides peace of mind that they will be alerted immediately if there is an incident that requires their attention or action.

These apps provide a great resource for those who have family members and friends who work in law enforcement or other public safety roles. By keeping track of any potential dangers they may face while on duty, users can ensure their loved ones remain safe at all times.

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Best police scanner app

In this article, we’ll be looking at 10 of the best police scanner apps available today and exploring their features, user reviews, and price points.

1. 5-0 Radio

The 5-0 Radio police scanner app is the best way to stay up-to-date on local, state and national law enforcement news. It gives users instant access to all of the audio feeds from over 10,000 police frequencies and other related channels around the world. Not only can you listen in on police activity, but you can also keep track of fire/rescue, aircraft and weather alerts as well.

The app offers a wide range of features for both free users and those who choose to upgrade for a fee. Free users have access to unlimited listening hours, 30+ countries’ radio feeds, bookmarks and push notifications customization options.

Upgraded users can take advantage of additional features such as dark mode settings, Apple Watch support, ad removal and more. Plus they get 24/7 customer service if needed.

2. Broadcastify

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest police activity in your area? If so, then the Broadcastify app is perfect for you. This app allows users to access live audio streams from over 6,500 police scanners from different countries and locations. It has a wide range of features that make it one of the best police scanner apps available today.

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Broadcastify provides users with real-time updates about nearby police activity and alerts them when major incidents occur near their location. The app also includes an interactive map which helps users locate emergency situations, search by agency or county, and view nearby incidents on a map.

It has a built-in recording feature which allows users to record conversations they hear on the scanner and even share them with others online.

3. Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio provides access to over 7,000 police, fire and EMS scanners across the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. You can also read newsfeeds from various sources such as state highway patrol websites and local newspapers. The app features a favorite list so you can quickly access your favorite channels or search for new ones by location or frequency type.

In addition to listening to live audio streams, Scanner Radio also offers alerts whenever there is an incident detected from a nearby channel or station.

4. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio offers users access to thousands of radio stations and podcasts from all over the world, including police and emergency channels in select locations. The app’s intuitive design makes it easy to search for your location and tune into live broadcasts.

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It also includes features like alerts when new stations are added or updated so you can stay on top of changes in your area. TuneIn Radio allows you to record live audio streams so you can re-listen to them later or share them with friends and family.

5. Police Scanner+

Are you looking for an app to keep up with the latest news and events in your community? Look no further than a police scanner app. A police scanner, or radio scanner, is a device that allows users to listen in on live broadcasts from local law enforcement and emergency services. With the right police scanner app, you can stay informed about what’s happening in your area and beyond.

The best police scanner apps provide users with real-time access to their local emergency services such as fire departments, EMS, and more. These apps also feature powerful search functions that allow users to quickly find active frequencies within their vicinity. Many of these apps come equipped with features like GPS location tracking and map integration for even greater convenience.

6. Police Scanner X

Police Scanner X is the best police scanner app available on the market. The app, which works with iPhones and Android devices, allows users to stay up-to-date on their local law enforcement activity in real time. It has a large database of radio frequencies that can be searched by country and state, making it easy for users to find scanners near them.

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The app also includes an exclusive “Close Call” technology which automatically scans for nearby signals from police and other agencies. This means that users no longer need to manually search for frequencies each time they want to listen in on their local law enforcement activities.

Police Scanner X offers a convenient favorites list feature so users can easily access their most frequently used scanners.

7. Scanner 911

Having the best police scanner app on your device is now more important than ever. Whether you’re in an area with a high crime rate, or simply want to be prepared for any emergency, Scanner 911 is here to help.

This police scanner app gives users access to some of the most up-to-date information available from local law enforcement agencies. With its intuitive user interface, it’s easy to quickly find out what’s going on in your area and what type of activity may be taking place nearby. You can also customize alerts so that you’re immediately notified of any breaking news or incidents happening close by.

The convenience of Scanner 911 makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to stay informed about their surroundings and stay safe.

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8. iScanner – Free Live Police Scanner

Are you looking for a police scanner app to stay up-to-date on the latest news in your area? iScanner – Free Live Police Scanner is the perfect choice. This free app provides users with real-time access to emergency radio frequencies across the United States, Canada, Australia and more.

With an impressive database of over 5000 channels and 10 million active users, iScanner – Free Live Police Scanner is the most popular police scanner app available today.

The intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use this app. You can easily search for police stations by location or simply view all available channels at once. With its advanced filtering options you can quickly zero in on specific topics such as fire departments, weather reports and more.

9. Emergency Radio (Police Fire EMS)

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to stay informed about emergency alerts in your area? The best police scanner app, Emergency Radio (Police Fire EMS), provides users with real-time access to fast and accurate information on local emergency situations.

This app is designed specifically for use on mobile devices, allowing users to quickly check up on local happenings wherever they may be.

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Emergency Radio (Police Fire EMS) works by connecting to over 5,500 police, fire, and emergency medical services radio frequencies from all around the world.

Users can browse their feed by location or type of incident so that they can receive highly relevant international news updates quickly and efficiently, this app also provides a wide range of other features such as access to NOAA alerts and severe weather warnings.

10. Police Call Frequency Database

Police scanners are essential tools for anyone who wants to stay in the loop about what’s happening in their community. With a police scanner app, users can scan through police frequencies and listen to live audio feeds of police, fire, EMS, and other emergency services.

The best police scanner app should have an up-to-date database of police call frequencies so that users can stay informed on what’s happening around them.

One great example of a top-of-the-line police scanner app is Scanner Radio Deluxe. It boasts one of the most comprehensive databases available with over 30,000 radio feeds from all 50 states and Canada.

Scanner Radio Deluxe also offers a wide variety of features such as map displays for different locations, customizable favorites lists, and push notifications so that you never miss out on important incidents in your area.