best math apps for kids

The Best Math Apps for Kids to Improve Their Skills

Math is one of the most important subject’s children learn in school, and having a good understanding of math skills can benefit kids for the rest of their lives.

As technology progresses, there are more and more ways to help children learn and practice math skills. One such way is through the use of apps specifically designed to teach kids math concepts.

Math can be a difficult subject for many children to learn and understand, especially when it comes to memorizing formulas or solving complex equations. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for kids to learn and practice math skills with useful apps.

Math can be a tricky subject for some children to wrap their heads around. With the use of technology, parents can now give their kids access to some of the best math apps for kids.

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These apps provide an engaging and enjoyable way for children to learn, practice, and review key math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Not only are these apps fun and interactive, but they also help boost confidence in mathematics.

we will discuss some of the best math apps for kids that can help them develop their math skills in a fun and engaging way.

Best math apps for kids

We’ll explore the best 10 math apps for kids that can help make math fun and engaging. From basic arithmetic to algebra and geometry, these apps offer a range of activities for children of all ages. Each app includes interactive games and activities that can help build confidence in their math skills.

1. Math Drills

The first app on the list is Math Drills; it helps kids develop basic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app also offers timed drills which challenge kids to solve multiple questions in a short span of time.

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What’s great about Math Drills is that it provides real-time feedback for each answer given, allowing children to learn from their mistakes and progress at their own pace. The graphics used are stimulating and vibrant too!

2. DragonBox Algebra 5+

One of the best math apps for kids is DragonBox Algebra 5. This app teaches children algebra through fun games and puzzles, making it a great tool to help them with their studies.

DragonBox Algebra 5 has several levels of difficulty so that kids won’t get bored or overwhelmed while they learn. The game also offers a rewards system as well as different challenges that will keep children motivated as they progress in the game.

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The game helps kids understand algebraic principles such as solving equations and basic operations, all without using any numbers or symbols just colorful shapes and pictures, this app has been designed with both parents and teachers in mind, allowing them to track the progress of their students or children from home or school.

3. Math Master

Math Master is an app that can help your child improve their math skills! This fun and interactive app offers plenty of helpful tools that can make learning math easier, enjoyable, and engaging for kids. With Math Master, your child will be able to practice basic arithmetic operations and apply them in real-life situations.

The app also has a wide array of quizzes and games designed to help children understand concepts better as well as challenge them to reach their highest potential.

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Math Master provides an intuitive environment where children can easily navigate through different levels of math exercises in order to sharpen their math skills. The app includes topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, fractions, decimals and percentages all at an appropriate level for each individual user.

4. Motion Math

Math can be a tricky subject to learn, especially for young children. But with the right tools, like the best math apps for kids, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. One great example is Motion Math, an app that helps kids learn and practice math concepts through enjoyable games.

This highly rated app from the App Store is perfect for helping elementary-aged children grasp basic math skills like addition and subtraction up to more complex topics such as fractions and decimals.

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Motion Math has interactive games designed around specific topics within mathematics. Each game provides an engaging way of learning core fundamentals in a fun environment all while tracking progress along the way.

Kids will love discovering secret levels as they earn rewards like stars and achievements! The game also introduces problem solving strategies, so kids don’t just memorize equations but understand the methods behind them too.

5. Todo Math

Todo Math is an award-winning app that helps kids master the basics of mathematics. This user-friendly math app for children aged three to six years old allows kids to explore and learn math concepts in a fun, interactive way. Featuring colorful visuals and engaging activities, Todo Math offers plenty of different levels and challenges to keep your child’s interest piqued.

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From counting and sorting to recognizing patterns and solving equations, the app has something for everyone. Kids can also earn rewards as they progress in the game, making learning more enjoyable.

With Todo Math’s simple yet effective design, parents can be sure their children will have fun while building strong numeracy skills. The app also provides detailed reports that parents can use to track their child’s progress over time.

6. Stack the States!

Are you looking for the best math apps for your kids? Look no further than Stack the States! With this fun, educational app, your children can learn about U.S. geography and build their math skills at the same time.

The game challenges players to drag and drop states onto a map of the United States while answering questions about population, capitals, flags, and other state-specific trivia. As they progress through each level, they earn virtual coins which can be used to purchase items to customize their avatar with outfits and accessories.

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The app also features eight mini games that focus on different mathematical concepts such as place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Stack the States is designed for students in grades 3–8 so there’s something for everyone in the family.

7. First in Math

One of the best math apps for kids is First in Math, an online educational game developed by Kumon that helps kids develop problem-solving skills.

First in Math focuses on helping children practice basic math facts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. It also takes them beyond memorization by allowing them to explore deeper mathematical concepts like equations and logic problems. The app also encourages collaboration among players as they work together to solve puzzles and complete challenges.

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Its gamified nature keeps things interesting; rewards come in the form of virtual stickers which can be used to customize avatars or buy items from a store within the app itself.

8. Splash Math Kindergarten to Grade 5th

With this app, students can practice their math skills while having fun at the same time.  Splash Math is designed to help children understand basic mathematical concepts like shapes, place value, counting and more. It also helps them develop their problem-solving skills by providing them with challenging activities that require logical thinking.

The app features colorful visuals that keep kids engaged as they learn about addition, subtraction and other core principles of mathematics.

It provides feedback on each question so that kids understand where they made mistakes if any. This makes it easier for them to identify their weak points and focus on those areas more effectively.

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9. Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster has an interactive game-like format that makes it easy for kids to learn basic mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players help a sushi-eating monster by figuring out simple equations in order to feed him the correct sushi before time runs out.

With each correct answer, players advance to another level and get rewarded with virtual coins they can use to customize their avatar or buy items in the store. The graphics are colorful and the sound effects make playing even more fun!

Sushi Monster also encourages problem solving skills through its questions that gradually increase in difficulty as players move up levels.

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10. iDevBooks Math Series

The iDevBooks Math Series is one of the best math apps for kids of all ages. It covers topics from basic counting to complex algebra and geometry, making it ideal for children who are just starting out with math or those who need a refresher.

The app has been designed to engage young minds in the core concepts of mathematics and allows them to progress at their own pace. With over 100 levels, each student will find something challenging yet engaging as they work through the questions presented.

Each level also includes helpful explanations so that students understand why they got a certain answer rather than just giving them an answer key. This allows students to truly comprehend maths concepts instead of simply memorizing formulas or equations.