Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission in 2023

Most popular cell phone tracking apps use GPS to locate the other phone you are tracking. The only factor necessary to enable the tracking activity is for the other phones’ location to be on. One of the easiest ways to track someone is to go through the Google tracking feature; however, not everyone is comfortable with using Google.

The applications we have recommended below work mostly without the internet, do not consume much of your battery, and are not reliant on GPS tracking to locate a mobile device.

There are other features that customers can enjoy from operating a phone tracking app. They are not only meant to locate the other phone or mobile device, but you can also use them to follow the activities of the person using the other mobile device.

These apps are mainly used by parents or ex-lovers who want to track their children or exes. These tracking applications can be helpful for parents who would like to monitor the applications their children operate and follow their browser or location history and the type of websites they visit.

All you have to do is install the phone tracker app on your mobile device, and you can simply follow the activity of the other phone.

This will enable you to see the other person’s activities, and you will be able to save pictures, videos, or documents from the other person’s mobile devices. That way, you will know all of the information they share with others and receive from others; however, before you can enjoy all of these features, you have to pay for a subscription plan to activate them.

You should not expect all the tracking apps you find on the internet to work perfectly. Some of these applications do not respond to commands immediately, and others would require authorization for you to be able to access the other person’s files.

For you to be able to select the most legit brands of all, you will be required to have full knowledge of the market. That means you must conduct in-depth research to understand the features required to satisfy your needs. This way, you can focus on finding an application that would give you what you want.

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Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2023:

  1. uMobix – Overall Best Phone Tracker App

  2. Spyic – Most Recommended Phone Tracking App

  3. SpyBubble – Most Prominent App for Secret Tracking

  4. GeoFinder – Popular Cell Phone Tracker with Phone Number

  5. Spyzie – Best Tracking App for Parents

#1. uMobix – Overall Best Phone Tracker Apps

uMobix represents one of the best options in the market when considering phone tracking applications. The interface of this application is easy to understand by those without prior knowledge of technology. If what you need is to track the activities of someone, uMobix provides you with the quality access to do so.

It can be used to track your children’s activities on social media or various websites. uMobix will grant you access to the best parts of their social lives, such as their text messages, call logs, and browser and location history.

You will have access to almost everything, enabling you to make changes on their mobile device without their knowledge. If you set any boundary and they cross it, you will get a notification for that.


  • Discounts on Subscriptions:There are various plans available on this application. Their basic plan is quoted at $29.99, while the advanced plan is quoted at $59.99. Customers are liable to enjoy discounts that will drop these prices to something more favorable.

  • Real-Time App Activity: These real-time location tracking applications allow you to access the current activities of your children or target phone. This means you can know what they have done and are doing now.


  • Syncs data fastly

  • Easy to use interface

  • Affordable

#2. Spyic – Most Recommended Phone Tracking App

If you struggle to use technology, then Spyic represents the best option for you.

You can spy on your children or loved ones without being noticed. The developers of Spyic ensure the interface is easy to understand, and the features are easily stated.

Customers can enjoy various benefits from Spyic application since it offers various features. The features available on this application can be used to satisfy the needs of most customers.


  • Call Tracker Online:These applications allow you to gain access to the call logs of your target. What makes it more enticing is that you will have access to every single call they make or receive. The application allows you to create a list of priority numbers, so whenever any of those numbers call your target device, you will receive a notification. Unfortunately, the feature that allows you to intercept these incoming and outgoing calls is currently unavailable.

  • Track SIM Card Location: This enables you to track the activity or location of your target device even when their phone is switched off. As long as there is a SIM card in their mobile phone and you can provide the number, you will be able to see their current location. This allows you to track their location regardless of the issue or hindrance.

  • Geofence Alert: This application offers the feature of setting up a restricted location list that your target device should not be seen in. If your target enters any of those locations, you will be notified at any point.

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#3. SpyBubble – Most Prominent App for Secret Tracking

SpyBubble is the best app for those using the phone tracking application on their mobile devices without the help of a personal computer. Dashboards of most applications are usually more detailed when using a personal computer.

However, the SpyBubble app was developed to have a mobile dashboard presenting a detailed representation of all your target activities. This enables you to use the app correctly on your mobile phone and use this particular application without the need for the internet.

However, various features on SpyBubble link to another feature, so you will need in-depth knowledge to understand the operational system.


  • Message Monitoring: Some of the applications you will find in the industry will allow you to track text messages. However, the use of text messages is going out of date in the current age. Most people now make use of social media apps to chat. This application grants you access to see the messages being sent and received by your target on all social media applications.

  • Compatibility: One of the main things that will make an application stand out is its compatibility with various operational mobile systems. One of the popular devices that people are now using to track other mobile devices is the Mac OS. However, not all applications are available for use on this system. Therefore, this application works on both Windows and Mac OS.

  • Does Not Require an Application for iOS: This platform works accurately on iOS devices without needing an application installed. You can access the features of this application on your iPhone with your iCloud ID. However, you will be required to have constant internet access.

  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: This application allows customers to request their money back within 14 days of purchasing its subscription plan.

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  • Easily access Instagram and Facebook pages

  • Real-time activity information

  • Operational use starts immediately after the purchase of a plan

  • Affordable

#4. GeoFinder – Popular Cell Phone Tracker with Phone Number

GeoFinder is one of the best apps in the market, and it only requires the phone number of the person you want to track to be in full effect.

However, the phone number feature will only allow you to track the person’s location. You must install the application on the target phone if you want access to other features. The phone part of using the GeoFinder application is that you can track anyone from your contacts or strangers as long as you have their phone number.


  • Track Any Phone Model: This application is compatible with every operating system there has ever been on a mobile phone. This is because you only need the phone number to track the person’s location.

  • Total Anonymity: This application ensures the person you are tracking does not find out your identity.

  • Remote Installation: This application does not require you to be close to the target phone before it switches on the person’s location. It will simply send them a message, and when they click on the link, it will trigger the location switch.

#5. Spyzie – Best Tracking App for Parents

Spyzie was mainly created to serve parents the best way possible, especially when their kids are victims of cyberbullying. Spyzie is also known as a parental control app. This will enable the parent to receive bullying messages before their children do. That way, they can deal with the situation without their children knowing.


  • Keylogger: This feature allows you to use Spyzie application to access various applications on the target’s phone.

  • Stealth Mode: You will gain full access to the target phone, allowing you to install and uninstall applications.

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  • Cannot be used for free

  • Poor customer service

How We Made This List of the Best Phone Tracking App

For most people, these phone tracking apps are only helpful when they can be used to track and monitor another person’s activities, but that is not what we were after when we compiled the list of brands to recommend. However, these factors were the top factors we considered when checking for all those applications.

Still, we also checked for the efforts put in by these applications to ensure the security and privacy of the user is guaranteed. Of course, your security and privacy must be guaranteed to ensure your details are not available to hackers.

Aside from those factors, we also ensured the applications we recommended did not require you to root your mobile device before you can use it completely. Additionally, these apps should not require you to block out other applications before you can run them.

Additionally, the amount of screen time the application will use in the background should not be much so it will not take a lot of battery. To achieve all of the factors we have discussed above, we have to compile a list of general factors to help us judge these brands correctly and ensure they all offer legit services.

What We Looked For:

  • Cross-Platform Support: As we said, one of the first factors we considered when compiling the list of brands to recommend was the number of mobile device systems it was compatible with. The application needs to be able to run on all mobile device systems, so it can be able to track any of them. Two of the major mobile device systems in the world are Android and iOS. So if the tracking application is capable of running on an Android or iOS device, it would be easy to track the other person. We also checked to see if any of these applications were capable of running on the Windows operating system. However, we understand that not a lot of people use this, so we give developers a chance to create a website that Windows customers can use. One of the things you should note about the applications is that, regardless of their compatibility range, you will not have to pay for the essential features that you need. For all of the compatible operating systems, you can enjoy the necessary features for free and advanced features with subscription plans.

  • Safe and Secure: It is essential that although you are using the tracking application to monitor the activity of another person, it should not affect whatever you are doing with your mobile device. Also, the application you are using to track the other person’s activity should not ask permission to access your media or engage your social media pages. Permission should not be required to open your camera or help you make phone calls. Your privacy must be guaranteed whenever you are using these applications to ensure your details will not be hacked. All of the applications we have recommended to you below invest hugely in guaranteeing their customers’ privacy. The permissions that will be asked from you from these applications are the ones that are a necessity. For example, your location needs to be on before you can track another person’s location. So, the app will ask permission to help you put on your location.

  • Optimized: When you are using tracking applications that were made using the best technologies, you will find that your tracking activity will keep running in the background whenever you are using another application. It is important not to consume too much of your battery, and battery consumption is going to happen on your device and the device of the person you are tracking.

  • Monitoring and Restrictions: The apps we have recommended will grant you access to the activity of the person you are tracking through their social media apps, the phone calls made, and the text messages received. Also, you can create a boundary that the target device is not supposed to cross. So, whenever the target person crosses the boundary, you will receive a notification.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Phone Tracking Apps

We understand that you might feel the process we used to select our brands is not enough to guarantee that the phone tracker apps are legit.

You may want to conduct in-depth research on the market, which is why we decided to explain in detail some of the factors that we believe will help you select a top application from the market.

These factors are:

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The features that are required to enable you to track another person’s mobile device need a lot of top technological systems to run correctly. This system is not obtained cheaply by the developers, who create these applications to profit from their investment in the technology used.

Hence, some people consider tracking applications very expensive because you will be required to pay for subscription services, allowing you to use certain features. As we have said in the body of our article, tracking applications are not only used to track another person’s activities, as they have other features that are included in various subscription plans.

Therefore, you need to know what you need before you decide to use the tracking application.

One of the best practices when deciding on the tracking application to use is to check the price and subscription plan range. That way, you can make an informed decision concerning the price you are willing to pay.

If the only feature you need is to track someone’s activity, you can sign up for the basic plans that will allow you to do that. These plans usually entail features such as being able to know the person’s phone log, see their current location, and view their text messages.

One of the best parts that can help determine if a brand is one of the best in the industry is the customer support available. It is important as a customer for you to note that this application will not be available for use 24/7 every time. The reason for this application not being able to operate on your device can be because you have restricted the required permissions.

Hence, your device tends to block the app from being able to function. This is where the importance of customer service comes in. When you are experiencing such an issue, an excellent customer service system must be available to help you solve your problem immediately.

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One of the best types of customer service is live chat; that way, you can communicate with a customer service agent while trying to solve the issue. So, in case you are still unable to solve the problem, the person will still live with you to guide you on other solutions.

Customer reviews represent one of the best ways to gain in-depth information on how the application you are about to use works. You must review all the customer reviews you can find online before deciding on the application.

You should know that, as with every industry, there are scam developers who have created applications that will ask you to subscribe for a plan to be able to use the features needed, but that is a lie.

The only way for you to know if the application truly works is to hear from the mouth of a verified customer. Some of the customers that have experienced negative things with the applications will do well to share their experiences in the customer review section.

From those experiences, you can be able to ascertain if the application will be able to satisfy your needs without costing you much. The phone tracking application you decide to use must have a rating of over 4.5. All the applications we have recommended above are rated over 4.5, with thousands of positive customer reviews.

The interface of the application or the website must be user-friendly. Someone without in-depth knowledge of technology should easily understand the application’s features. If all of the application’s functions are coded in hard-to-understand commands, it will be harder for someone without in-depth technical knowledge to understand how to operate the application.

The best tracking applications always have a menu that contains tabs for different features. All of these tabs must be specified to a specific function, and this function should be easy to understand. Developers should understand that not every user of their application is going to be someone that is an expert.


The popularity of these applications is increasing as the days pass. They can help other people guarantee the safety of their loved ones by knowing their location and activity.

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Several benefits can be enjoyed from using a phone tracking application, and we have listed a few below:

  • Checking up on more than one employee: It is essential to note that using a phone tracking application does not mean you can only track one person at a time. Top-level phone tracking applications will allow you to track multiple people simultaneously. For employers, phone tracking applications provide them with a way to know if their employees are carrying out the task they are being charged with. If any of your employees should deviate from the assignment before them, you will receive a notification.

  • Checking up on your children: Since these applications can enable you to check up on the activities of multiple people simultaneously, you can use it to monitor all your children’s activities at once. You can check their social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. You can also access their text messages and the direct message sections on these social media applications. These applications allow you to track all of the mobile devices used by your children; that way, you can prevent them from visiting websites that you are uncomfortable with.

  • Help to locate missing persons: One of the significant benefits of using the mobile tracking application is that you can use it to locate someone who is missing. If a loved one goes off the grid for a longer time than usual, these phone tracking applications represent the best way for you to locate the person on time. Instead of majorly tracking a person’s mobile device because you want to be in the know of all the activities, you can use it to track the person’s location to know if they are safe or not.

  • Locate a misplaced device: The phone tracking application represents the best way to locate your phone when you lose it. For example, it could have been that you left your phone somewhere, or it was removed from your pocket or purse. These applications will help you find out the location of your phone, and you can go back and get it. Also, it would help you save time searching for the phone without any possible results.

  • Simple navigation: One of the features that a customer can enjoy from using a phone tracking application is an alarm monitoring system. You can set up an alarm to know when the new goods you ordered arrive. This will enable you to meet up with the deadline of your customers, and you will improve the quality of your services.

  • Keeping in touch with close friends: If you are about to travel out of the country, it would be a new location for you to experience. However, your location must be known to others in an emergency. Phone tracking applications represent the best option for sending out your location to your loved ones, so they can track you whenever they cannot reach you via your mobile device.

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FAQs: How to Track a Phone

Q1. How Do Phone Tracking Applications Work?

On your first time purchasing a subscription plan with any developer, you will be issued access to two different applications. The first application is installed on the target’s mobile device, and the second is installed on your device and serves as a control panel.

From the app on your mobile device, you will be able to monitor the activity of the target’s device, including tracking their text messages, phone logs, and media. The phone tracking application can also show the target’s current location.

Q2. Can I Use Just the Phone Number to Track a Person?

Yes, you can. Specific applications in the market will grant you access to a person’s phone or device by using only their phone number.

However, this feature is not available to be used for free. You will be required to purchase a subscription plan that supports using that feature.

The application would be able to track the other person’s location by sending them a text message and asking them to click on the link. That means you will need to get a hold of the other person’s phone and click on the link when the text message arrives.

Q3. Is the Use of Tracking Applications Legal?

Some laws guide the privacy of a person. For example, using the tracking application to track someone without their knowledge is against privacy laws. However, certain people would be okay with you tracking their activities, such as your family members or children.

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Although, you should have a conversation with the target before tracking their activities. That way, you can build essential trust, enabling them to share their issues with you. But if you feel your trust in them has been broken, you can use the application to track their activities and step in whenever needed.

Q4. Is It Safe to Use a Mobile Tracking Application?

The permissions restrict the functions of the tracking application you grant it. However, for the tracking application to function correctly, it will require access to your location and contacts. Therefore, any mobile tracking application requesting permission to make an effective change on your mobile device should be avoided.

You must restrict the permissions you grant the tracking application, considering that you also have bank applications on your mobile phone. Scam tracking applications can use that medium to access your bank accounts and withdraw your money without your knowledge.

Q5. Is It Advisable to Track Employees Using a Mobile Phone Tracking Application?

As we said in the body of our article, various employers install tracking applications on their employees’ phones. They mainly use these tracking applications during working hours to ensure employees keep to their assigned projects.

However, the employer must switch off the phone tracking application outside office hours. Tracking someone’s private life means they are breaking the law and can be charged in court by the employee.

Conclusion: Best Tracking Apps of 2022

Due to technological improvements, many developers are creating applications that they feel will solve societal issues. Mobile tracking applications are one of them, and they can be used to keep track of your loved ones or children.

What we aim to achieve with this article is to create a list of trusted applications and recommend them to you. These applications will allow you to track your loved ones without being noticed.

The way all of these applications work is similar to each other, and you might find that the interface of these applications or websites is the same, except for GeoFinder. This application works exclusively by using a mobile phone number. Therefore, before you decide to track the activities of any person, it is advised that you discuss the situation with them.