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Here are the best Cinema HD alternative apps when Cinema HD doesn’t work. Check out our analyzed list of the top 5 services that can serve as a replacement.

What happened to Cinema HD these days?

Suddenly, Cinema HD stopped all contacts and deleted the social groups. Even the official website has been taken down. Also, it doesn’t send updates and has no response from the developers.

The only good thing is that Cinema HD works perfectly. You can stream the latest HQ movies and recently played shows/series.

Many people claim that the connection between developers and the app is broken. Your service may end soon.

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Simply put, all of this is not fact and just fake news circulating on Youtube and some blogs.

Currently, Cinema HD works and fetches links as before.

First of all we try to fix the Cinema HD with possible solutions. After that we look at alternatives.

How do I fix the Cinema HD app if it’s not working?

  • You need to clear all app data and cache for now. You can find the options in the storage section of the app.
  • If you are still having problems with Cinema HD, uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • However, make sure you download from secured websites. For the updated version, please visit and download Cinema HD APK website.
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Please also note these points.
  • Do not install the modified version as it is not from official developers.
  • To eliminate security issues, please scan the APK file with virus scanner tools before installation.
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If you still feel like you need a few more options for your free streaming hours, keep on looking and check out the apps below.

Top 5 Cinema HD Alternatives for Android (As of 2022)

While Cinema HD is one of the free streaming platforms in the digital world, it is also known for stopping the updates. Since Cinema HD often went down, please go to other resources.

Dozens of options are available to watch the latest movies and popular TV content.

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1. FilmPlus

If you are looking for a movie app like Cinema HD and a free streaming service that you can watch on any platform device, check out Filmplus.

Filmplus offers premium sources for TV shows and movies with no paid subscriptions. You will find thousands of free movie/show hours including Drama, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Anime, Netflix Originals, etc.

If you can’t find the content you want, use the search features to look for something you need. Filmplus has a great video search algorithm that can easily find all videos for you.

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Officially download the Filmplus APK from here and install it on your Android devices manually. But it is not possible to get it from Play Store.


  • Useful hashtags to quickly browse videos like Top Rated, Popular, Airing Today, Top Hulu Shows, Top Disney+ Shows and more.
  • Separate history for film and TV show.
  • Save all your favorites in one place – bookmarks.
  • You can automatically back up when you update the app.
  • Link your Read Debrid account to Trakt.
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2. Moviebox PRO

Moviebox Pro offers an absolute way to watch or download movie titles and TV shows on demand. As with the Cinema HD application, the Moviebox Pro does not provide access for unregistered users, at least the user needs a Google email account.

However, it brings you the best titles of all time. The app’s user interface is awesome. It brings the content to recommendations by user intent, search history, user interests and observed data.

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The Moviebox Pro APK file can be downloaded from third-party Android stores such as APKBuilds. Get the latest version here.

  • Multi-Platform Support – Moviebox can work on any platform device including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Easy installation also on streaming devices.
  • Subtitles for most languages.
  • Frequent updates for multiple bug fixes, additional features and content additions.

3. Hello

Hulu can be fully replaced and works as an alternative app when Cinema HD isn’t loading content. This will be a legal package that will include all kinds of entertainment from movies to live TV channels. There are over 10,000 movies and seasons available to watch for free with limited advertising.

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Many cable cutters are already using Hulu because it offers a variety of live channels from sports, games, news, movies, and more. Hulu is not an all-things type of service, it has limited content.

  • Hulu is partially free.
  • Live sports streaming on mobiles, smart TVs and PCs.
  • Install it from official and related stores.
  • It supports Chromecast for incompatible devices.
  • Free trial for 30 days on 3 devices.

4. Pluto TV

Get all your favorite TV channels over the air with Pluto TV. It offers up to 200+ channels for free along with 1000+ HD movies and shows.

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It is a perfect Cinema HD alternative with additional features. Being an Internet TV service, you don’t need a separate IPTV player as it has a great built-in player with a nice playback option.

Watch Pluto TV on Android based devices by simply installing it from Play Store. Before whether Pluto TV is available in your region or not.

  • Integrated TV guide.
  • Ultimate GUI with premium UI, fast navigation and simple tabs between live TV and on-demand.
  • The children’s version is available.
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5. crackling

Many Cinema HD users have tried some streaming apps in the past. You may not have been interested in proceeding as you will be asked to pay for a subscription. With Crackle you don’t have to pay a single cent and it’s a free application.

The Crackle has a library of media content that can fulfill your viewing hours.

  • All kinds of categories have been added to this app.
  • Crackle is a free, legal and safe way.
  • Currently, the Crackle service is available in 21 countries.

last words

I try to add the best apps like Cinema HD to keep your free streaming hopes alive. Wherever your Cinema HD stops working, switch to it immediately. It usually depends on you whether to install these apps permanently or not. However, you can use these Android applications to find your movies or TV shows, series or seasons.