The Nothing Phone (1) poses for the camera with its lights glowing


Reminds me of the old Sony Xperia phones that had long notification strips. That was RGB though.


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I will never buy it as it will not have a headphone jack

The Android freak, 1 hour agoAlso, the Oppo software support for updates in the Reno series is terrible. But best in top-end fla… moreHeck, I remember my Reno5 4G was about to get ColorOS 12 stable, but it got the update in Indonesia first and then months later in the Philippines


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Now it depends on memory/RAM type, 10bit screen with DC dimming,
Symmetrical bezels have been confirmed by them


A lot of phones these days are starting to look alike. I liked the way they made some unique touches. It looks better than the Galaxy S21FE’s very first product. Let’s see how they handle hardware and software stability issues.


What are the odds that it has a decent feel?


Aierlan, 1 hour agoHow could you know at this point? Also, the Oppo software support for updates in the Reno series is terrible. But best in top-end flagships like Oppo Find X3/X5 Pro.


Aierlan, 1 hour agoHow could you know at this point? I have already used the phone. But no final software yet. It is better than Google Pixel 6. I believe Pixel 6 will be better after Android 13 update. Not as feature-rich as Samsung’s One UI. But not bad either.


The Android freak, 2 hours agoSoftware will be better than Oppo.How could you know at this point?


Cyber, 2 hours agoinspired by apple… and Apple is also inspired by the competition. Basically, we have a square phone with a large display on the front and a camera on the back – making any manufacturer a copycat. So what? Now it depends on the internals and the OS assumption. Then we’ll see if the hype is worth it. If it keeps the level of optics, I have a good feeling.


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On there is an article with further details and pictures

Background: On the Wednesday evening of Art Basel, there was an event by nothing with Carl Pei and the Nothing Staff. They revealed the back design and guests and journalists could see the phone in the real world – but behind glass and not touchable


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This phone is an iPhone 12/13 with a transparent design and internal Oppo Reno 8 Pro.

I like it because of Stock Android with optimized software with hardware.

except there are no exaggerated things.


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The frame looks just like an iPhone.


I hope this isn’t just hyped


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Perfect for elementary school students so it could match their glow in the dark / glow in the dark shoes.


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WTF?! I saw an iPhone 😳 just looked at the antenna gate tape around the phone 🤦🏻‍♂️ and glued LED strips to the back of the phone then I called it revolutionary. Triple 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


NextGenGeek, 3 hours agoThis is basically a Reno 7 but without the third auxiliary camera and with a transparent back. I knew… moreSoftware will be better than Oppo.


Don’t give your marketing team a raise

They really know how to blow things up

Smh revolutionary…


iPhone with USB-C and Android 🙂

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