BLUETTI EB3A is an app-controlled RV power station with UPS capability

There is no shortage of RV power solutions, but very few of them are portable and even fewer can serve as a backup power system for your home. Get to know the BLUETTI EB3A.

The company is best known for its ultra-high capacity home power stations designed to keep your entire home running during a power outage. With the EB3A, the company brings the same quality to a system designed for recreational vehicles and other mobile applications…

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Powerful, portable, fast – pick three

There are powerful RV systems, portable products and fast-charging ones. Generally, you can choose one or two out of three. The BLUETTI EB3A meets all requirements at once.


The EB3A has a total capacity of 268Wh and includes a 600W pure sine wave inverter. This means you can power high demand appliances like fridge freezers and run them off the grid for days.

With the EB3A you can power or charge up to nine devices at the same time! There are two AC sockets with a total output of up to 600W; a 100W USB-C port that charges a MacBook at full speed; and two regular USB-A ports.

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There’s even a powerlifting mode that can power up to 1200W of resistance devices like hair dryers, vacuums, kettles and resistance heaters.


Weighing just 10 pounds, the unit is completely self-contained making it easy to move between the RV and home.

It is also suitable for fully mobile applications: photographers and videographers can, for example, use it to power studio lighting on site.

It’s also easy to keep an eye on power levels when the device is some distance away, thanks to a companion app that gives you important info and acts as a remote control.

fast charge

The EB3A supports a standard charging power of 268W and a turbo charging power of 430W. That means you can boost your capacity from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes and you don’t even need a power adapter – the device comes with a single industry standard AC power cord.

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Of course, you don’t always have the luxury of AC charging, so the device can be charged in three different ways:

  • AC (1.5 hrs/1 hr 20 min in turbo mode)
  • 12V/24V car charger (3.2 hours)
  • Solar charge (2.5 hours at 200W MPPT)

In addition, you can combine charging methods for even faster charging – for example AC and solar.

security and longevity

Many household systems use lithium-ion batteries and are susceptible to a number of events that can shorten their lifespan or even pose a risk to owners:

  • short circuit
  • overcurrent
  • Overload
  • overload
  • overheating
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BLUETTI uses the latest LiFeP04 battery, not a lithium-ion battery. It charges faster, lasts longer and is safer. You also get a sophisticated battery management system that protects against all of the risks mentioned above.

Emergency Home Use

Finally, the BLUETTI EB3A also serves as an emergency power system for your home. It obviously can’t power your entire home like the company’s larger power plants, but it can keep your essential devices — like computers, cellphones, and tablets — running during an extended outage.

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Finally, there is a UPS bypass mode that allows you to use the device as an uninterruptible power supply. For example, to protect a computer, plug the EB3A into the wall outlet and your computer into one of the AC sockets on the front panel. This way, in the event of an unexpected power outage, your computer will seamlessly switch to being powered by the BLUETTI device.

BLUETTI EB3A availability

BLUETTI will be releasing the EB3A on its official website today (June 15) with shipping in just a week.

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Early bird prices of 23% discount are available when you join the official BLUETTI Facebook group or subscribe to the BLUETTI newsletter.

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