10 Useful Apps for Nursing Students in 2022 – Make School Challenges Easier With These Tools!

Yes, a good memory is necessary for success as a nurse. However, there is no harm in using mobile apps to support health knowledge retrieval.

Nursing students are increasingly relying on technology and digital resources to manage different parts of their academic and personal lives. Finding the best college applications can help students cope with school pressures.

While Capella University, the University for St. Augustine for Health and Sciences, and Carson-Newman University have listed a few tools for nursing students and professionals, we’ve sorted and handpicked our top 10 educational applications for students, all of which we highly recommend for their useful properties.

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Check them out below!

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Dictionary of Diseases

This medical reference app allows medical professionals to look up symptoms and descriptions of major medical diseases and disorders, as well as prescription drug information and treatment protocols.

Available on: Android


This tool simplifies finding prescription drug information, drug interactions, and pill identification. As a nursing student, you can avoid making mistakes on tests and, more importantly, treat patients effectively.

Available for: iOS and Android


This notes app is one of the best grooming apps because you can keep all your notes in one place on your smartphone or other device. You can highlight important terms or paragraphs for you to review later. You can also scan handouts and other class materials to bring everything together in one place.

Available for: iOS and Android

Human Anatomy Atlas 2021

This useful guide is one of the best grooming apps for people who want to check body parts. This software helps users to quickly search and discover all the components of anatomy thanks to its visual graphics and rich content.

Available for: iOS

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Med mnemonics

Over 1,500 acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks are included in this tool to help caregivers quickly learn a variety of medical conditions, symptoms, and other medical terminology.

Available for: iOS and Android

NCLEX RN Championship

Hundreds of practice questions and sample tests will help you prepare for the NCLEX RN exam. If you give an incorrect answer, the app will provide a detailed explanation.

Available for: iOS and Android

care centre

Nursing Central provides nurses with disease, medication and testing information and a literature search facility. Available databases include Davis’ Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, and MEDLINE Search and Journals.

Available for: iOS and Android


This software provides comprehensive information for all aspects of patient care and has versions for different professions including nurses, paramedics, doctors, students and others. For coursework, laboratory exercises, and clinical practice, students acquire a trusted and comprehensive resource guide.

Available for: iOS and Android


The app gives you access to thousands of quizzes and 1-3 minute mnemonic videos using proven memory preservation techniques.

Available for: iOS and Android

Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN

This tool includes rigorous study resources and over 6,000 NCLEX-specific exam questions for prospective nurses preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Available for: iOS and Android

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