The best homework apps for students and their parents

You’ve come home from a hectic day only to find math problems on the table! How are you? A good parent uses homework apps and completes the task in minutes.

Homework apps are designed for different subjects. The features of the apps determine their effectiveness in solving a task.

When choosing an app, consider the accuracy of the answers it provides. You pay for some of the apps or need to upgrade your package to access advanced features.

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Here are excellent apps to help parents with homework.


The app is designed in the form of index cards. It helps parents and students to cope with tasks such as language and vocabulary.

It takes the approach of quiz questions that require the student to answer in order to advance to the next level. You can buy homework online and avoid the hassle of long study hours at the library or at your desk.

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Quizlet offers many language and vocabulary topics. The app also helps the student learn foreign languages ​​without the help of a tutor.

You choose the learning level and the content is adapted for your child.

Quizlet is equipped with AI to create a detailed report of your child’s study habits. The technology allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each learner.

Through such data, you can help the child master the content and improve their performance.

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My homework student planner

The app helps students and parents keep track of homework. The student enters the term paper immediately after it is issued.

You set milestones and the deadline for the term paper. You can also add reminders to avoid the surprise of incomplete work on the day you are supposed to hand in the work.

My homework student planner is easy to use. It has a simple user interface that does not require any IT skills to master.

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Basic features are free with incredible additions upon payment of a subscription fee. You can use the planner on your phone, laptop or tablet. This helps you to keep track of the tasks.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy will help you with your homework by providing the best content for each topic. The content is prepared in video, text and rich content formats.

This variety helps each student to choose their favorite format. You will receive videos and presentations on all conceivable topics. Khan Academy allows you to download the content for offline use.

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Photomath makes your math homework easy. You take a picture of the question, upload it to the app and wait for an answer.

The scanned question will be answered step by step as you watch. This is a great feature as opposed to getting answers where you don’t understand the method used.

The app can handle topics as complex as logarithms, algebra, trigonometry, functions, and probability. It is one of the homework help websites that is changing students’ perspective on math.

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Homework apps reduce the time it takes to complete a task. The app also improves accuracy and helps you improve your grades. Most apps are free, but they also offer great features once you pay the set subscription fee.

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