Best Android Apps to Get Free Fire MAX Diamonds for Free in India (2022)

Free Fire MAX is a premium battle royale title developed by Garena. It offers top-notch graphics and other immersive dynamics. Players can indulge in many maps and modes for a breathtaking survival experience.

Diamonds are an important in-game currency that players can use to unlock many items. These attainable items include Elite Passes, characters, emotes, upgradable weapon skins, and more.

However, real money must be spent to acquire the currency. However, not every user can use their money to buy diamonds and other in-game cosmetics.

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These four android apps are great for getting free Free Fire MAX diamonds

1) Google Opinion Rewards

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Google Opinion Rewards is the best application available on the Android platform that allows players to earn real money and get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. The app offers basic settings and an interface where they have to answer some simple surveys that will be sent to them on random days and that are easy to fill out.

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After completing the survey, players will be rewarded with real money in their Google Play balance. You can earn up to INR 30 per survey in the app.

Readers can collect money through the app, which will be added to their Play balance. You can use the balance to redeem diamonds for free in the in-game diamond shop in FF MAX.

2) Swag Bucks

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Swag Bucks is also a renowned platform where players can earn money to redeem diamonds for free. The app works on the GPT (Get Paid To) model, where you earn points for completing in-app tasks, including completing surveys, making purchases, and watching videos.

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Users can accumulate a certain number of points and use them to redeem gift cards. Free Fire MAX players can redeem Google Play gift cards in-game or in the Play Store. With the help of the redeemed cash they can buy free diamonds.

3) Booyah!

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The Booyah! Application was designed and developed by Garena. It hosts many unique events with rewards such as free outfits, emotes, and other items. Players can participate in these events and earn free prizes in their Free Fire MAX accounts.

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Currently, the app does not offer users events that reward free diamonds. However, the free rewards available at various events are more exciting than free diamonds.

4) Simple rewards

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The Easy Rewards application is another excellent choice for players looking for free diamonds in FF MAX. The app also works on the GPT concept where you are rewarded for completing various tasks available in the app.

Players can earn lots of points by completing various surveys, downloading applications, and watching video clips available in the app. After completing these tasks, they receive special points.

Users can redeem these points to buy gift cards from popular platforms like Amazon and the Play Store depending on the offers available in the app.

Note: This article is based solely on the personal opinion of the author.

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